Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring NECCC Interclub Results Posted

The results of both the Print and Digital Slide Spring Interclub Competitions have been posted on the NECCC web site. In the case of prints the report includes both the numerical results and the winning images all in one report. In the case of digital slides the report contains only the scores and club rankings while all 1st, 2ed, 3rd, and HM winning images are displayed in four galleries, one for each of the four class/category combinations. The caption under each image indicates the club, maker's name, image title, and award won. You and members of your clubs are encouraged to view the galleries and see the outstanding work being done by member photographers of NECCC clubs.

In prints the top scoring clubs for the season are:
B&W Class A: Manchester Camera Club
B&W Class B: Candlewood Camera Club (moves to class A next year)
Color: Merrimack Valley Camera Club

In digital slides the top scoring clubs for the season are:
Pictorial, Class A: Boston West
Pictorial Class B: Quinebaug Valley (moves to class A next year)
Nature Class A: Cape Cod Viewfinders
Nature Class B: Merrimack Valley (moves to class A next year)

Go to to view the results.