Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Photojournalism: A Day in Boston with Essdras M. Suarez!"

Photography Events by Amy is pleased to announce  
"Photojournalism: A Day in Boston with Essdras M. Suarez!"

Saturday, November 2nd. Boston, MA. 8am to 4pm.

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Documenting Boston: The photojournalist’s approach
Instructor: Pulitzer Prize Winner Essdras M. Suarez
Experience the thrill of seeing the City of Boston anew in a way you’ve never seen it before: through the eyes of photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize Winner Essdras M. Suarez.
Essdras’ approach and teaching method on the how and what of documenting a city and its people is strictly hands on where the participants learn to deal with whatever lighting, weather, or any other situation as it might present itself in front of your lens.
There will be some short on-location assignments for participants to work on the ideas taught by Essdras.
Learn from Essdras the meaning of the same mantra he uses when he is doing his job in the streets of Boston or far-flung places around the world: “Keep moving, keep shooting, keep adjusting.”
You will learn to react to what is in front of you and to make the most out of any given situation. “As a photojournalist I don’t have the luxury of doing much post production work on my images. Therefore I have to make it count when things are happening.”