Monday, December 2, 2013

Hands on photo workshop, learn how to use Textures!

Come join us a hands on photo workshop and learn to use Textures!
Saturday December 14th 
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Using Textures can make your photos POP, and use them to create fine art images. 

-- In the morning you will photograph some textures and some flower setups.

-- In the afternoon you will work on Photoshop and apply textures to your images. If you want to play you may bring some images for the afternoon session as well. Learn how to apply textures, change the color of your textures, remove color from your textures, etc. 

-- We will provide some (~200) textures for you as part of the workshop, but you will also take some textures of your own to have as well.

-- You will also leave here with and 25 textures of your own to use on your own images in addition to the ones we will provide for you. 

-- Bring your dSLR, tripod, cable release (or use your self timer), and your LED light (if you have one). Bring your laptop, or just sit next to someone and follow along.
-- Fee does not include lunch, but we will have an eat lunch & talk photography break.

This alone (~200 free textures, plus >25 of your own) is worth the price of admission, but we are not just giving you a fish, we are teaching you to fish!

We will show you how to change the color of your textures to create an unlimited number of textures.