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Lightroom Unleashed - Boston, MA October 13, 14, 15

Lightroom Unleashed - Boston, MA October 13, 14, 15

Mollie Isaacs, Awake The Light Photo Tours & Workshops

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The popular "Lightroom Unleashed" workshop is coming to Boston! Presented by experienced Lightroom instructor Mollie Isaacs of Awake The Light Photo Workshops and Tours, this 3-day workshop is scheduled for Tuesday & Wednesday, October 13 & 14, plus an extra optional day on Thursday, October 15. It will be held in Melrose, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. 

This in-depth workshop will be filled with instruction and hands-on training. It is a carefully designed, customized workshop for photographers who are interested in taking their image optimization skills to a higher level. This class will help you jump start your skills, regardless of whether you are new to Lightroom or a seasoned veteran. You will learn how to use this software easily and simply. The class takes you step-by-step through all the controls available, the proper order in which to use them, and what each one does.  It also includes some creative options that will allow you to create more artistic images. 

Class size is kept small so that each participant can receive personalized attention. While you will learn a great deal, the atmosphere will be light and easy-going. 

In addition to working on images along with Mollie, you will also work on your own images as part of the training, and will come away with a fresh, polished portfolio. The goal is to build confidence in your ability to use Lightroom to enhance your images long after the workshop is over. You will learn the best and most foolproof ways to improve your images beautifully and quickly. You will also learn unique ways of working not taught anywhere else. 

The fee is $975, and the Optional Extra Day is $150 additional. Because of the popularity of this workshop, you must pre-register and pay in advance. The fee is payable by either credit card or check. To guarantee your personal security, payments are not made online. Please email, or call them at 757-773-0194 to register and to arrange payment. 

This is one of the most beneficial Lightroom courses available anywhere. Here is what others have said:

"I can't say enough good things about this workshop. I went to the class feeling that Lightroom would be impossible for this non-techie to use. But Mollie is an outstanding instructor. She broke things into small pieces, going over each piece a few times in different ways, demonstrating how it works, and then having us try it on our own computers. Then she went around the room making sure each of us really "got" it, and we did. She also makes the class fun with lots of laughing. I recommend this workshop without reservation!"   D. E.

"Thanks, Mollie, for your excellent teaching style and your ability to make learning fun for all of us. Your grasp of the finer points of Lightroom, as well as your step-by-step approach to teaching the class were very impressive."  J. C.

"The Lightroom workshop was absolutely wonderful. Mollie is such a great teacher. She not only took the time to help anyone who needed help with Lightroom, but she also helped people with their computer problems. The class followed a logical workflow which made learning easy. The hours went by quickly, and the hands-on approach was so helpful. I highly recommend Mollie's Lightroom workshop." R. S. 

"I've always admired the fine quality of Mollie's images and wondered how they were achieved. In this workshop she shared her techniques by guiding us through the wealth of Lightroom tools while making sure that each individual understood how to apply them. By the end of her workshop I had gained a solid understanding of using a smooth workflow to bring my images to a new level."  H. E.


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