Saturday, January 16, 2016

Workshops with John Tunney

Winterscapes Workshops with John Tunney
February 19-21
Winter on Cape Cod is a unique time with special photo opportunities. The tourists and part time residents are gone. Many businesses are closed. Beaches, harbors and streets are empty. In this unique workshop, we will explore Cape Cod’s winterscapes–everything from the natural beauty of the beaches and marshes to shuttered business and deserted harbors and streets. We’ll also take advantage of the shorter day-light hours to experiment with low light photography, shooting some scenes at twilight and beyond.Along the way we’ll work on winter shooting tips, how to improve your eye by “seeing” a scene, low light photography and editing techniques to get your pictures looking their best. For more information, visit

Photoshop for Lightroom Users
with John Tunney, February 13
Photoshop is the ultimate Lightroom plugin. It gives you more power and more control to optimize your images than any other program. In this half-day workshop, you’ll learn how to integrate Photoshop into your Lightroom workflow. We’ll work with layers, selections, masks, cloning and more – all of the essential tools you can use to give your images extra pop and take them to the next level. For more information, visit