Sunday, May 8, 2016

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Location Lighting Weekend

Workshop Extravaganza

May 14th – 15th • Melrose, MA

If you only have a weekend to learn about working with flashes, spend it with us! Join award-winning photographer Rick Friedman for his hands-on “Location Lighting Workshop” May 14th and 15th from 10am to 5pm each day. This intensive and interactive seminar is designed for portrait, wedding, corporate and event photographers, photojournalists and serious amateurs who desire to improve their knowledge of lighting.
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Portraits, Unplugged

with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis

June 11th - 12th • Melrose, MA

Portraits Unplugged is all about natural light, nothing technical or mechanical. Bobbi teaches you how to find and work with natural light to make flattering and dynamic portraits of any subject. The beauty of available light is its ability to describe your subject from powerful and strong to soft and creamy. We scout locations for the light and we look for options that can surprise us with its complexity as well as find the simple and clean look for smooth skin tones. LaneManGreenwallThe most important part of our photograph is not the subject, but how we, as visual artists, choose to define our subject. We work on capturing the essence of the people by the use of posing, expressions, tonality, composition, color, backgrounds and props. Bobbi shows you how to work with all kinds of light: hard, soft, bounced, window, “garage door”, reflected, diffused, etc. Our only tools are reflectors and diffusers and we use them to manipulate the light effectively.
Lee will take the captured images to the next level with Lightroom and Photoshop enhancement techniques on skin for quick fixes and complete makeovers that don’t require special artistic talent, but instead utilize the power inherent in the basic software without extra plug-ins or extensions.
This workshop will raise your level of awareness and help you be a better natural light photographer.
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Hunt’s Photo Walk

Downtown Portland at Dusk

May 14th • Portland, ME

Join instructors Ray Levesque and Ron Phillips on May 14th from 4-9pm for an evening/night photography walk in downtown Portland. During the walk we will discuss Exposure, Subject Development, Image Composition, and Long Exposures. We will make use of late afternoon light, civil twilight, and night time as we explore locations around the Common.
Maine’s largest city, Portland, is just 2 hours north of Boston. With a refreshing blend of old and new Portland is a thriving urban center. We will explore the Old Port and capitalize on scenes depicting the city’s rich fishing and shipping legacy. We will then continue into downtown Portland to photograph the nighttime scenery.
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Hunt’s Photo Walks

Boston After Dark

Memorial Drive

May 20th • Boston, MA

Join Don Toothaker and Ron Phillips for a photo walk along Boston’s Charles River and the Zakim Bridge after dark. If weather allows, we will also be able to get a good raised view of the city from atop a structure along the river. On the walk, we will discuss Subject Development, Image Composition, Long Exposures, Black and White Photography, and Architectural Photography. Photographers of all skill levels are encouraged to attend.
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Hunt’s Photo Walks

Sunrise at Rockport

May 21st • Rockport, MA

Join photographer Don Toothaker on a sunrise/morning walk of Rockport and its harbor, Bearskin Neck, and other points of interest. The walk will begin at 5am and conclude at 10:30am. Don will discuss Exposure, Subject Development, Image Composition, HDR, Black & White Photography and more. Photographers of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. Rockport is a premiere destination for photographers. The town is an eclectic mix of unique storefronts, a beautiful harbor, boats, and a rich fishing tradition that offers a wide variety of photographic subjects.
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Hunt’s Photo Walk

Night Shift Brewing

May 22nd • Everett, MA

On May 22nd, join Hunt’s Photo and Sony on a photographic tour of one of New England’s many new rising microbreweries—Night Shift Brewing in Everett. On this walk, we will discuss (and you will have a chance to photograph) architecture, macro/close-up, and portraits, all in the environment of a modern microbrewery.
The United States is currently undergoing a new renaissance in brewing. New England itself has been at the forefront of this movement with many new breweries having opened in the past 5 years. Night Shift Brewery was founded in 2012 by a trio of friends with a shared passion for “nocturnal homebrewing”. Through culinary inspiration and determined innovation, they create memorable craft beers that offer a wide array of rich, complex flavors.
We will meet at 8am at Night Shift in Everett. We will begin with a brief introduction to the history of Night Shift and the brewing process to help familiarize us with the gear and the lingo. We will then photograph in the brewery and “Barrel Room” until about 10:30am. After this, we will have a few different macro setups available to photograph in the “Tap Room”, as well as models available to photograph against the industrial backdrop of Everett outside, if weather allows. We will conclude the walk at about 12pm.
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Beginner Photography

Melrose, MA • Hanover, MA • Holyoke, MA

Providence, RI • South Portland, ME • Manchester, NH

Do you have a new DSLR that you have no idea how to use?
Have you had your camera for 6 months, a year or more and want to take better pictures?
Are you putting your camera away because you just don’t see the difference between your expensive camera and your smart phone?
Learn to fully utilize your cameras potentials! Harness your creative power with photography! This is the essential class for anyone looking to take that first giant step into the world of photography! Our patient and entertaining instructors will cover all the basics in this hands-on class, including changing depth-of-field (controlling what’s in focus in the background, stopping or blurring the action in your scene, and many other basic picture-taking techniques.
Our two guarantees:
You will learn a lot!
You will have a fun time doing it!
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Adobe Lightroom Basics

Melrose, MA • Hanover, MA • Holyoke, MA

Providence, RI • South Portland, ME • Manchester, NH

Developed by photographers, for photographers, Adobe Lightroom provides amateur enthusiast and photographers with the necessary tools for basic image management and high-level image post-production. From highlight to shadow, contrast and brightness, then color correction to cropping, Lightroom provides all of the necessary tools to adjust and print your image files. This course focuses on how to organize your images for quick retrieval via keywords, ratings, etc, demonstrates the basic tools and processes available within Lightroom to both manage and process images quickly and efficiently, and also briefly discuss the basis of the print module.
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Speedlights 101

Providence, RI • South Portland, ME • Manchester, NH

Using a flash can create a dynamic look to your photos... if only you know how to use it!
Speedlights 101 teaches you the different basic techniques to properly use your flash. We start with a description of how flashes work and what some of the basic modes on the flash are and what they do. Then we will discuss how to set your camera and flash together to create different dynamic looks. We will briefly discuss the different modifiers that can be used. Finally, we will touch upon different shooting scenarios and locations, and how to properly adapt yourself to these situations.
This class is an introductory session. It has been adapted as a shorter version of our Lighting with Speedlights Basics Class, which offers live model shooting.
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Lighting with Speedlights Basics

Offered monthly at Hunt’s Photo, Melrose

This workshop specifically illustrates and teaches students to understand and use flash both on and off the camera. The workshop will cover posing, light modifiers, and an in-depth description of how flashes work, including internal remote triggering. Speedlight photography is integral to creating interesting and dynamic portraits. Any brand-flash is welcomed and can be discussed.
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Beyond the Basics

Mastering your Camera

Melrose, MA • South Portland, ME • Providence, RI

After learning “the basics” of digital photography, become more comfortable in the world of digital photography by taking the next step.
Understanding the full-functionality of your camera is a necessity to improving your flexibility when photographing in a variety of situations. This course is designed to help you feel more comfortable about how to change your camera’s settings in those situations. It is recommended as a follow-up to our Beginner Photography course.
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Basic Digital Printing

Melrose, MA • Manchester, NH

South Portland, ME • Providence, RI

When is the last time you printed your pictures?
Are you convinced you can’t make printed images look as good as those done in a lab?
What are you doing with the empty wall space in your home?!
The time has come to tame digital printing! With the low price of excellent quality digital printers, what was once an elite craft is now much more manageable for the average photographer. This course briefly covers the basics questions of printing, including editing suggestions, color management tools and settings, paper styles and finishes, printing recommendations, and troubleshooting on how to avoid those nasty pitfalls that can occur along the way. Whether you use Canon, Epson or HP, the concepts in this course remain the same.
This class also focuses on printing using Lightroom specifically. Being able to print from Lightroom allows you to complete all of your tasks specifically in one rather than multiple programs. Even if you do not own or use Lightroom, the concepts within this class are fairly global and these concepts can be translated to other programs. We will also discuss printing using these other programs.
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