Wednesday, July 19, 2017

First Time Attendee Experience

Are you a first time attendee?
or an attendee who has come many time and would not miss this conference?
Email photographer67 [at] and tell your story, we would love to feature you (and share your images)!

How did you hear about the conference?  What did you like best? What program(s) was/were your favorite? Did you photograph the setups, glassware, insects, animals, models, etc?  What recommendation would you have for other people?

Mark your calendar July 13, 14, 15 2018!! 

Hi, I am a First Time Attendee and loved being there. Here are some of my favorite images from the event.

I am a member of the Portland Camera Club and heard about the Conference there. For me, there really no one program I favored. I just enjoyed the “experience” itself of having the opportunity to enjoy great speakers, photograph live events as well as the models and photo op setups.

Did you photograph the setups, glassware, insects, animals, models, etc? 
Yes, I did indeed take advantage of most of those opportunities and have included images in addition to the ones I sent to you the other day.

The best advice I can give others is to take the time to “plan” as much as you can in advance of the meeting to set up a schedule for yourself. I went through all the speaker notes in advance which was also a big help. I was pleased to receive warm thanks you from several of the models after sending them my favorite images I had made. Very rewarding since this was my first time making images of live models.

Thank you to you and the Team that put this program together.

Richard Sawyer,