Friday, October 13, 2017

Photography Lectures Connecticut Scenics® by Peter Guerard

I have developed a series of photography lectures. If you could post this to the NECCC blog, I would appreciate it. Below is the current list:

Photography Lectures
Connecticut Scenics®
by Peter Guerard

Photo101 - Basic Digital Exposure
Photo103 - Photographing the Moon
Photo104 - Introduction to Landscape Photography
Photo105 - Introduction to Panoramic Photography
Photo107 - Photographing the Sun
Photo108 - Using Telephoto Lenses
Photo110 - Digital Asset Management - DAM
Photo113 - The Sharper Image in Landscape Photography
Photo114 - Image Resolution and Print Quality
Photo115 - A Printing Primer
Photo118 - Tripods and their Use in Landscape Photography
Photo121 - Device Color Management

All lectures are Windows-based and developed in PowerPoint. They are 60 to 90 minutes in length, plus a Q & A session at the end. Lecture content pertains to either landscape photography or some technical aspect of digital photography. Text-only lecture notes, in PDF format, will be provided to your organization prior to the lecture.

For lecture details or notices of updated and new lectures, visit my website,