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Learn It, Shoot It, Edit It at NECCC 2019 (July 12, 13, 14, 2019) Registration goes live very Soon !

Learn It, Shoot It, Edit It at NECCC 2019 (July 12, 13, 14, 2019) 
Registration goes live very soon !

Over 90 program choices!!! Most by presenters who have never presented at NECCC before
Plus lots of Pre-Conference Workshops, Image Reviews & Critiques, and Photo Walks and LOTS of hands-on opportunities and photo-ops!

  • Mark Battista (CT)
    • Composition with a Painterly Approach
    • How to Create Still Life Images with Impact
  • Anne Belmont (IL) (Sponsored by Lensbaby) 
    • Creative Flower Photography: Unleashing the Creative Spirit through the Magic of Lensbaby
    • Capturing Stunning Images of…Most Beloved Flowers Year-Round
  • Mark Hilliard (SC)
    • Infrared photography
  • Padma Inguva (NJ)
    • Floral Photography with Passion and "joie de vivre"
  • Gerri Jones (NY)
    • Creating Still Life & Food Photographs with Pizazz
  • Jerry and Lori Keefer (PA)
    • Light Painting: Angles & Lights & Cars, Oh My!
  • Lewis Kemper (CA)
    • Expanding Your Creativity with Time & Motion Techniques
  • Jamie Konarski Davidson (NC)
    • Creative, Interpretive Artistic Techniques In-camera
  • Jürgen Lobert (MA) (Sponsored by NESOP)
    • Light Painting and Drawing at Night
    • Daytime Long Exposure Photography
  • Sarah Musumeci MNEC (MA)
    • Pictures to Paintings (landscapes)\
    • You Can Paint! Demo
  • Frank Smith (PA)
    • Creative Elements of Architecture: Out with the Rule Book
  • Shiv Verma APSA, MNEC (MA)
    • Timelapse Imagery

  • Suzette Allen & Jon Yoshinaga (CA) (Sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix) 
    • Multimedia for Storytelling: Hybrid Imaging Made Easy!
  • William Barnett
    • Selecting & Improving Images for Competition
  • Katrin Eismann (NY) (Sponsored by Sony)
    • Camera to Sharing without a Computer
  • Mark Hilliard (SC)
    • Art of Black/White Digital/Film Photography & Travel
  • Karen Hutton (NV) (Sponsored by Fujifilm)
    • Story, Art and the Power of Awe: Creating Signature Images from Truth and Soul
  • Padma Inguva (NJ)
    • Architectural Photography: Panoramas, Vertoramas in HDR
  • Lori Keefer (PA)
    • How to Brand Yourself to Sell Photos & Entice Clients
  • Michael Koran (MD)
    • Exploring Street Photography
  • Jim Montanus (NY) (Sponsored by Nikon) 
    • The Incredible Life of Legendary Kodak Photographer Neil Montanus
    • How to Create Stunning Night Photographs 
  • Jenn Sherry (MA) (Sponsored by Delkin)
    • Memory Cards, SSD, Backing up, & Sensor Cleaning
  • Frank Smith (PA)
    • Light Perfected (Travel Photography)
  • David Tobi (ME) (Sponsored by DataColor) 
    • Color Management for Fine Art Printing
  • Shiv Verma APSA, MNEC (MA)
    • Video for Photographers and Videographers
  • David Akoubian (GA) (Sponsored by Tamron)
    • Create your own Photography Oasis
    • Nature: Capturing the Wild
    • Nature: Creating Successful Landscape Images
  • Peter Baumgarten (Ontario) (Sponsored by Olympus)
    • Astrophotography, Photographing the Beauty of the Night Sky
    • Photographing the Great Outdoors, An Exploration of Nature Photography
  • Kurt Budliger (VT)
    • Go with the Flow - Create Dynamic Images of Moving Water
  • Steve Gettle (MI) (Sponsored by Cognisys)
    • A New World Opens - Getting Started in Macro
    • Moving in Closer – Advanced Macro Photography
  • Adam Jones (KY) (Sponsored by Canon)
    • Getting the Most out of your Wildlife and Nature Photos
  • Jürgen Lobert (MA) (Sponsored by NESOP)
    • Astro-Landscape Photography
  • Chris Murray (NY) (Sponsored by ADKPI)
    • The Subjective Landscape
  • Suzette Allen & Jon Yoshinaga (CA) (Sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix) 
    • Make the Magic! Composites with Complexity & Creativity
  • Sean Bagshaw (OR)
    • Developing for Extended Dynamic Range
    • Photoshop: Developing for Impact
  • Rad Drew (IN)
    • Creating Painterly & Vintage Images in Topaz Studio
  • Katrin Eismann (NY) (Sponsored by Sony)
    • Partners for Life: Photoshop & Lightroom
    • Professional Masking & Compositing Adam Jones (KY) (Sponsored by Canon)
    • Photoshop fun: Workflow & Composites in Photoshop
  • Gerri Jones (NY)
    • Artistry Beyond the Lens
  • Lewis Kemper (CA)
    • Into the Eye of the Sun: Creating Natural Looking HDR Images

iPhone/SMARTphone/Mobile phone
  • Rad Drew (IN)
    • Creative editing on your iPhone
    • SnapSeed Tips and Tricks
  • Michael Koran (MD)
  • Fun with Mobile Phone Photography
  • Mobile Phone Editing for Creative Expression

  • Marc Farb ANEC (NY) (Sponsored by Sigma)
    • Portraits (Characters)
  • Jim Montanus (NY) (Sponsored by Nikon)\
    • Light This: Learn Studio Lighting and Outdoor Lighting
  • Ed Pedi (MA)
  • Lighting and Posing for Family Portraits

Friday, July 12 (8:30–11:30am). Workshops & Image Critiques run concurrently. You can only attend one. Visit to register. Antoinette Gombeda, APSA, HonNEC will contact all pre-conference attendees by July 6th with class location, location of registration package & any updated information regarding their pre-conference class. Workshop participants must be paid conference registrants. Class size is limited, Register early. If paying by check please write separate conference and workshop checks. See Registration Instructions for cancellation policy. The workshop fee is $70 (unless listed below), which includes a 3% UMASS administrative fee. For laptop classes you may choose to share a computer with a friend/spouse or just come & take notes/follow along. Electrical outlets will be provided as necessary. You may rank your top three choices in case one is full.

Image Critiques run concurrently with pre-conference workshops, so you cannot attend both.

#1 “Advanced Camera Techniques & Tips to Win Awards”
Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom (DC) Sponsored by Nikon. 
For all skill levels.

#2 "Finding Your Artistic Voice”
Karen Hutton (NV) Sponsored by Fujifilm.
For all skill levels.

#3 “A Morning with the Butterflies and Flowers at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens”
Anne Belmont (IL) Sponsored by Lensbaby. 
For all skill levels; you must be able to stand during this 3-hour workshop; transportation required.

#4 “Put Them in a Beautiful Light: Portrait Lighting Workshop”
Suzette Allen & Jon Yoshinaga (CA) Sponsored by Panasonic/Lumix. 
For all skill levels, but please note that you must be able to stand during the second portion of this workshop.

#5 “Mastering Luminosity Masks”
Sean Bagshaw (OR)

#6 “Embracing 'what if' for Creative post-processing”
Jamie Konarski Davidson (NC)

#7 “Maximum Depth of Field– Using Focus Stacking and Bracketing”
Peter Baumgarten (Ontario, Canada) Sponsored by Olympus 
For all skill levels, but you must be able to walk and stand during this workshop.

#8 “Creating Highly Stylized Images in Topaz Studio”
Rad Drew (IN)

#9 "The Hadley Farm: Horses and Barns"
Adam Jones (KY)
Sponsored by Canon 
For all skill levels, but you must be able to walk and stand during this three-hour workshop.

#10 ”Floral Photography”
Padma Inguva (NJ)
For all skill levels, but you must be able to stand during this three-hour workshop.

#11 “Photograph Birds of Prey and Raptors”
David Akoubian (GA) Sponsored by Tamron. 
For all skill levels, but please note that you must be able to walk to and stand during this three-hour workshop. $98

#12 “Character Models”
Marc Farb (NY)
Models sponsored by Sigma; Lights sponsored by Westcott. 
For all skill levels, but you must be able to stand during this three-hour workshop.

#13 “Learn Macro Photography: How to Photograph Insects”
Kathy Macpherson Baca (NY).
Insects sponsored by Sigma.

Photo Walks
Take a Photo Walk with a Conference Presenter (Sunday 7-8am)
Register Early for a Photo Walk (Max one/attendee)
No charge before June 21st -- Must Register by July 7th
Some Photo Walks have a theme (as noted); t rest are open topic
  • PW1 Rad Drew (iPhone*)
  • PW2 Michael Koran (Mobile Device*)
  • PW3 Jamie Konarski Davidson & Mark Hilliard (Infrared*)
  • PW4 Frank Smith (Architecture*)
  • PW5 Suzette Allen/Jon Yoshinaga (Panasonic/Lumix)
  • PW6 Sean Bagshaw (EDR, Extended Dynamic Range*)
  • PW7 Chris Murray (ADKPI)
  • PW8 Marc Farb (Sigma)
  • PW9 Jim Montanus (Nikon)
  • PW10 Lewis Kemper
  • PW11 Karen Hutton (Fuji)
  • PW12 Kurt Budliger
  • PW13 Katrin Eismann (special effects w/o PS*) (Sony)
*Some Photo Walks have themes
**Camera Companies will loan equipment overnight for Photo Walks

Conference Workshops 
(subject to availability, register early!) (Complete info. available at
$42 (unless listed below) before June 21st ($52 after) Pre-registration required. Class sizes are limited; Register Early!

  • CW1 Conference Image Review by Conference Speaker 
    • *$62 ~45minutes (not available for registrations after 6/21). This is your opportunity to have up to 15 images reviewed by one of North America’s top photographers. Kristi Odom, Adam Jones, Anne Belmont, Jim Montanus, Jerry Keefer, Lori, Keefer, Chris Murray, Mark Hilliard, Kurt Budliger, Sean Bagshaw, Jamie Konarski Davidson, David Akoubian, Karen Hutton or Lewis Kemper will provide feedback to help you grow as a photographer. A confirmation form will be sent to you by June 21st (due back June 28th). You will be emailed with your time slot & reviewer.
  • CW2 Posing & Lighting 
    • with Ed Pedi Sat 12:45-4:30pm
  • CW3 Posing & Lighting 
    • with Ed Pedi Sun 8:30am-12pm
  • CW4 Rembrandt Lighting 
    • with Mark Batista Fri 12:30-3:30pm
  • CW5 HDR: Next Generation Sponsored by Nikon
    • with Jim Montanus Sponsored by Nikon Fri 12:30-3:30pm 
  • CW6 Macro Photo Shoot* 
    • with Steve Gettle Sat 12:30pm
    • *Steve Gettle Sponsored by Cognisys; Macro Subjects by Sigma
  • CW7 Macro Photo Shoot with Steve Gettle Sat 1:45pm
    • Steve Gettle Sponsored by Cognisys; Macro Subjects by Sigma
  • CW8 Macro Photo Shoot with Steve Gettle Sat 3:30pm
    • Steve Gettle Sponsored by Cognisys; Macro Subjects by Sigma
  • CW9 Lightroom (laptop) 
    • with Kurt Budliger Fri 2-5pm
  • CW10 NIGHT Photo Shoot Light Painting 
    • with Jürgen Lobert & Elizabeth (Lisa) Ryan Fri 9pm
MORE Conference Workshops 
No charge for registrations before June 21st ($52 after)

  • CW11 Vertorama Chapel Demo 
    • with Padma Inguva Sun 11:30am
  • CW12 Live Composite NIGHT Photo Shoot 
    • with Peter Baumgarten Fri 8:30pm (Sponsored Olympus)
    • Bring or Borrow an Olympus Camera that can do Live Composite
  • CW13 NIGHT Shoot 
    • with Shiv Verma APSA, MNEC Fri 8:30pm
  • CW14 Selecting & Improving Images for Competition Sat 8am
    • 1st 15 people will send images for review. Open to all to attend & watch. Critique by William Barnett, APSA, MNEC
  • Light Paint a Car (Fri) with Lori & Jerry Keefer (also a post-processing session of the light painted car)
  • Video for Photographers with Shiv Verma APSA, MNEC (double session)
  • Character Models (Sponsored by Sigma) (Lights provided by Westcott) 
    • Friday 12-5pm & Saturday 9am-2pm (open)
    • Borrow a Sigma Lens, get lens & portrait tips from Marc Farb & Photograph Characters: Fri 6-8pm
Lower Level of Campus Center (Skip Hoyt, MNEC). Sat. 9am-5pm; Sunday 9-11:30am. Monitored female sets Saturday & Sunday. There will be different lighting set-ups in the model rooms on the lower level of the Campus Center. Outside locations: church, pond, Campus Center Concourse (under the hotel overhang-3rd floor).

(Lower Level of Campus Center) Chris Germain, MNEC and Barbara Rozavsky, HonNEC
Main Room (CC169) may include still life, Mylar reflections, underwater flowers & other subject matter.
  • Photograph Raptors (Borrow a Tamron lens) 
    • (Friday 1-5pm only) (Raptors Sponsored by Tamron)
  • Photograph Flowers with Anne Belmont (Borrow a Lensbaby lens) 
    • (Sponsored by Lensbaby)
  • Photograph Insects with Kathy Macpherson Baca 
    • (Insects by Creepy Con) (Insects Sponsored by Sigma) (Borrow a Sigma lens)
  • Photograph Food & Still Life with Gerri Jones
  • Photograph Still Life with Mark Battista
  • Photograph Flowers with Padma Inguva