Friday, November 9, 2018

Used Canon 1D X and 600mm f/4L II for sale

Used Canon 1D X  and 600mm f/4L II for sale

For sale:  Canon 600mm, F4 lens (Version II).   $9,000. EXCELLENT CONDITION…this lens has not seen much use in the past 4 years and has always been covered with a neoprene lens cover so the lens does not have any scratches.  Comes with hard cover case and lens hood and a Really Right Stuff lens plate for mounting on a gimbal or similar ball head.  The sharpness and clarity of this lens is nothing short of amazing and this lens has a very shallow depth of field resulting in truly beautiful images.  This lens is unbeatable for wildlife. I hate to part with this lens but I am selling it in order to downsize as I can no longer handle heavier gear.  New, this lens sells for $11,500 and used, it is priced at $9.979 on the BH website.   
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For sale: Canon 1Dx full frame professional camera…18.1 mp. $2,800. This is a great camera for sports and wildlife and the autofocusing capabilities of this camera are astounding with great image quality even at very high ISO settings.  This camera (used) sells for $3,199 at BH Photo.  This camera has been well cared for and is in excellent condition and has not seen much use in the past few years.  This camera comes with battery charger and an extra battery with the original box and manual.

I am selling this camera and my heavier gear as I can no longer handle the weight.  This camera is capable of shooting up to 14 FPS (frames per second) ) or 12 FPS (RAW & jpeg).  Here is the link to the listing for this camera (used) at BH:
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