Thursday, October 31, 2019

Depth opens November 1 at Beacon Gallery

BOSTON, MA (October 29, 2019) – Beacon Gallery is pleased to present its November exhibition, Depth, running from November 1 through 24th. An opening reception will occur in conjunction with First Friday, on Friday November 1 from 6-8:30 pm.

Featuring works by gallery artists Myra Abelson, Dylan Brams, Betty Canick, Aja Johnson, Anya Leveille, Lori Mehta, Adrienne Shishko and James Varnum, this group show focuses on literal and metaphorical depth in two-dimensional pieces of artwork: how perspective is expressed, and how complex concepts and emotions are conveyed in abstract works.

Works by Lori Mehta express depth through layered fabric and shifting patterns of light on her subjects. Anya Leveille’s cold wax abstracts explore physical depth as she layers materials to build up the surfaces of her pieces. Similar to Leveille, yet more energetic in feel, Johnson’s abstracts are often dozens of layers of paint deep lending a depth both visible and invisible to the viewer. Coupled with her enigmatic titles, such as Loneliness Is Living In a House With Someone You Used To Love, Johnson’s abstract works inspires the viewer to look deeper and draw their own meaningful conclusions.

Dylan Brams is Beacon Gallery’s newest artist. An American glassblower and photographer residing in Israel, Brams showcases his ampolina collection in images that compress multiple ampolinas into one single delicate form. The result is a both restful yet fascinating fragment of Bram’s three-dimensional artwork, in two dimensions.

The notion of multi-sensory depth will be addressed throughout the month with a musical playlist curated to include pieces with meanings linked to the works on display or layered in a way as to enhance the gallery experience. Additional musical events such as a secret concert curated and produced by Sofar Boston will also enrich the month’s programming.

A private dinner, produced by Soweflew will be pairing cuisine and beverages with the artwork for Depth. Owner Christine O’Donnell says, “We are delighted to be working with both Sofar and Soweflew. Their curated experiences spark multi-sensorial experiences for guests. We hope to encourage greater exploration and appreciation of the artwork through our work with these creative organizations.”