Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Join NHCC on Monday November 11th for Mark Bowie's presentation MOONLIT: how to photograph by moonlight

Join NHCC on Monday November 11th for Mark Bowie's presentation MOONLIT: how to photograph by moonlight

Where: Unitarian Universalist church in Hamden; 
Address: 700 Hartford Turnpike, Hamden, CT 06517
Come at 6:45, the program starts at 7:00pm
Programs are FREE and open to the public 

(You must be a member to compete, attend workshops and field trips).
We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month for programs and the fourth Monday for competitions.

Program Description: Two years in the making... the debut of this stunning project will feature new still images, time-lapse sequences and night video — with the goal of exposing night photographers to the image-making potential of a variety of moonlit landscapes, during all phases of the moon.

In targeting the Milky Way, most night photographers avoid photographing under a large moon. Yet there’s so much more to discover under the light of the moon. Moonlight provides many benefits for photographing the earthbound landscape. It casts fill light, illuminating details and colors of both man-made structures and natural subjects. It theatrically interacts with clouds, fog and water, offering creative possibilities not only for shooting stills, but time-lapse and video. It can add ambience, mystery and a sense of wonder. The possibilities are limited only by our vision and imagination.

I’ll discuss using apps to put photographers in position to best take advantage of moonlit
subjects. I’ll present innovative field and processing techniques, and cover camera settings, how
to compose and focus, and determine exposure. I’ll cover artistic possibilities presented under
all phases, optical phenomena created by moonlight, photographing eclipses and long exposures
of the moon, shooting and blending multiple exposures to capture detail in the moon and
landscape, and shooting time interval and time lapse sequences to creatively present the moon’s
trajectory across the night sky.

Ultimately, my goal is to expose viewers to the artistic possibilities of this little-covered facet of
night photography while helping them discover more about the natural world — lit by the light
of the moon.