Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Susan Goralski is closing her studio and has items for sale.

Professional photographer Susan Goralski is closing her Canton CT studio and has items for sale.
  • Most everything is in very good condition. A couple of items I bought used (4x6 Larsen softbox , square Photogenics softbox, and the two domed barn doors). I forgot to measure the square Photogenics softbox but I believe it is 22" or 24" square.
  • The baby beenies/hats and knot shoes are in like new condition. Some of the clothing props are "slightly used" condition. The pink and the blue/purple fairy dresses come with fairy wings.
  • All items will be sold on a first come first served basis. 
  • Cash or Paypal. 
  • Shipping charges will need to be added in if we can't work out delivery.
  • Contact: Susan@GeminEyeImages.com with any questions or text/call 860-916-4110 or Facebook message me.