Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Conquer the Challenges of Bird Photography

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Conquer the Challenges of Bird Photography
Bird photography can result in some of the most breathtaking shots you've ever taken—if you know how to do it right. Join me, professional photographer and biologist Neil Losin, in my online Craftsy class Photographing Birds in the Wild, and learn the technical skills to confidently capture stunning images of birds in their natural habitat.

In this class, you'll learn everything you need to know to take beautiful photographs of wild birds. We'll start with my recommendations for equipment, from cutting–edge gear to affordable options for those on a budget. Learn which lenses will help you get high–quality, up–close shots, and discover speciality gear that will help you maximize your success in the field.
Ensure consistently balanced exposure as you learn to control ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Sharp focus can be a challenge, and I'll share strategies for focusing on fast–moving birds to capture crisp, beautiful shots in a range of conditions.

Weather plays a significant role in bird photography, affecting not only light but bird behavior. I'll guide you through shooting in various conditions, including strong, directional sun and flat, cloudy light. Take striking shots during sunrise and sunset with my tips on exposure, and discover the distinct advantages and hurdles of front–lit, backlit and side–lit subjects. Learn what time of day you'll find birds at their most active, and how to anticipate bird behavior depending on wind and weather.
Unlike models, birds won't sit still and wait for you to photograph them. I'll reveal strategies for getting close to birds in the wild, from approaching wary subjects to blending into your surroundings. Find out how to read bird behavior, and spot cues that indicate an opportunity to move closer or catch a dynamic takeoff shot. You'll also learn how to attract birds in the field with smartphone apps, and I'll share the signs of an agitated bird so you know when it's time to move on and find a new subject.

Make sure that your time in the field pays off as you learn how to use flash and creative composition to avoid dull, uninspiring images. Use fill flash to make your subject pop and add a lively catchlight to a bird's eye. Draw in your viewer with composition techniques like lead room, the rule of thirds and background control. Plus, sign up for Photographing Birds in the Wild today, and you'll also find out how to retouch your images for professional results.
I've been fascinated by nature my entire life. I received my Ph.D in ecology and evolutionary biology from UCLA, and I've spent years studying wildlife behavior. I've been photographing birds for more than a decade, and my images have been published internationally and won numerous awards. For me, photography is about capturing a part of my experience in nature, and creating a collection of images that reminds me of the time I spent with birds.

I spend my time in the field and in the classroom, and I'm thrilled to join you on the Craftsy platform to answer your questions, give you feedback on your photos, and share my favorite tips for successfully photographing birds.

Make the most of your opportunities in the field, and use your camera to showcase the beauty and grace of wild birds!

Join us in Photographing Birds in the Wild for only $29.99 — that's 50% off today!
Neil Losin | Craftsy Instructor