Saturday, September 6, 2014

Capture Unforgettable Photos of Memorable Family Moments

Capture Unforgettable Photos of Memorable Family Moments | View Online

Capture Unforgettable Photos of Memorable Family Moments
Combine advanced exposure, composition and lighting, and you've got the formula for high-quality photos that beautifully capture a subject's true personality. Join me, professional photographer Kirk Tuck, in my online class, Family Photography: Candid Moments & Storytelling, and discover the secrets to capturing everyday family moments in stunning shots.

In my class, you'll unlock a range of creative options using aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and dive into flawless action shots with aperture priority mode. Learn to adjust shutter speed for blur-free motion shots—or, if an artistic blur is what you're after, I'll teach you how to pan your subject.

For outdoor shots, I'll reveal remedies for shooting into harsh direct sunlight, and how to avoid lens flare. Plus, enjoy a lesson in narrative photography when we visit a horse ranch and delve into how to think like a storyteller, composing shots that focus on small details to reveal the big picture.
I'll guide you through indoor shoots and explain how to capture your subject's personality in genuine photos. And, we'll experiment with bounce flash to find the most flattering lighting and erase unsightly shadows.

Next, I'll demystify Adobe Lightroom in two stages. I'll cover the basics of Lightroom's filters, and then show you advanced techniques for creating professional looking images that will bring out the best in everyone. Plus, sign up for Family Photography: Candid Moments & Storytelling and you'll learn how to size, format, and export photos for personalized greeting cards that showcase your family and your skills!
From President Bill Clinton to Academy Award winner Renée Zellweger, I have years of experience shooting portraits. My favorite shots, though, are the thousands of images I've taken of my son since the day he was born—I've captured so many treasured moments for my wife and I to revisit and cherish.

I'm thrilled to share my passion for family photography through Craftsy's innovative platform, especially because it allows you to post questions and get my answers. Plus, you can even share photos and critiques with other students in class. Best of all, since your access to this class never expires, you can bring it with you on your mobile device and re-watch any lesson you want, any time the camera calls!

Never miss another opportunity to turn a spontaneous moment into an unforgettable photo!
Kirk Tuck | Craftsy Instructor