Thursday, September 25, 2014

upcoming classes and workshops

Join us (Lisa and Tom Cuchara) on some of our upcoming classes and workshops...

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      • Nov 22 - Photograph inside the closed Victory Theatre in Holyoke (MA)
        • "The Victory Theatre (in stone on building, spelled "re") is a theater in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It was built in 1920 by the Goldstein Brothers Amusement Company. The architecture is in the Art Deco style and is considered the last of its type between Boston and Albany. The theater closed in 1979 and has sat derelict since then. However the Holyoke City Council, owners of the theater, have agreed to hand ownership of the theater to the non-profit Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts. The group hopes to restore and open the theater to performances in 2016."

      We have also been holding a bunch of one-on-one photo tours and post-processing workshops. Contact us if you are interested.

      Other upcoming workshops and classes
      • HDR, HDR capture, and how to set up your camera to take HDR images
      • HDR processing 
      • Textures and how to apply them
      • ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) post processing 
      • Layers and Masks
      • Get a new headshot 
      • HiJinx
      • Posing
      • Taking better family photographs
      • Taking better Holiday photographs
      • Night Holiday Lights Hubbard Park CT
      • Night Holiday Lights Longwood Gardens PA
      • HiJinx - setups galore (2015)
      • Post Processing Intensive Weekend (2015)
      • HDR and Light Painting at Carrie Steel Furnace (2015)
      • HDR at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (2015)
      • HDR and Macro at the Waterside Woolen Mill (2015)