Thursday, October 16, 2014

Upcoming photo shoots

  • Oct 21st Night photography and light painting at the Trolley Museum 
    • We have the place all to ourselves, small group (Branford CT).

  • November 15th Night photography and light painting at Woodlawn Cemetery, This awesome cemetery has great sculptures, headstones and mausoleums, Bronx NY, Rt 15 South. easy to get to, about an hour from Hamden CT.
    • Nov 22nd Photograph inside the closed Victory Theatre in Holyoke (MA). "The Victory Theatre (in stone on building, spelled "re") is a theater in Holyoke, MA. It was built in 1920 by the Goldstein Brothers Amusement Company. The architecture is in the Art Deco style and is considered the last of its type between Boston and Albany. The theater closed in 1979 and has sat derelict since then."
    • May 10th Photograph at the old Catskill Game Farm 
      • Sign up before 12/31/14 for a dicsounted photo event fee.
      • Catskill Game Farm was a zoo in Catskill, New York, U.S.A.. It closed permanently on Columbus Day 2006 after 73 years of operation. The Game Farm is still closed today." but we will be able to walk the grounds, go into the cages, walk into the Giraffe house, the Rhino house, Kodak film selling yellow stores, see the mini-golf - great place for a photo shoot, a snapshot into the past of this historic landmark.