Friday, November 7, 2014

38th Annual Hunt's Show

The 38th Annual Hunt's Show is nearly upon us, and so are the free seminars! 

This year, we have a great line up of presenters in our Melrose location from Nikon, Canon, Westcott, Sigma, Tamron, Datacolor, Sony, Panasonic, X-Rite, and more, discussing cameras, lenses, lighting, software, printing and more!

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Friday November 7th

Westcott_logo10-11am: Lighting Basics Made Easy: Presented by Westcott’s National Accounts Manager, David Piazza, this seminar is a great beginner talk that will take some of the mystery out of lighting. It will include a discussion of the different types of light and what lighting solutions are best in different situations, along with tips on how to control those lights with easy to use modifiers.
Sigma11am-12pm: Chasing light- Choosing the Right LensJoin Sigma’s tech rep Marc Farb for an informative look at lenses and lens choices for shooting in different conditions. Choosing the right lens for the task at hand!
Mitsubishi-Photo-Imaging-Lo12-1pm: On-Site Event Printing:Neal Clipper from Abbey Photography will be discussing the advantages and recommendations of on-site printing at events for professional photographers with Mitsubishi instant printers.
Canon-logo-20121-2pm: The Canon 7D Mark II: Join John Stoilov from Canon in a discussion of the new EOS 7D Mark II. Focus will be given to what sets this camera apart from its predecessors and competitors, and what it offers to the professional photographer and videographer alike.
tamron-logo2-3pm: Lighting Techniques: Join photographer Andre Constantini in a seminar on lighting: How to see it, how to find it, and how to make it.
Datacolor_logo3-4pm: Color Confidence: John Walrath from Datacolor will help you tackle the foundations of monitor calibration and color workflow. With a clear understanding of these concepts, you will learn how to leverage them so you can increase the speed of your edits and have confidence that your color output matches your creative vision.
Nikon_24-5pmLearn all about the Nikon Creative Lighting System, using the Wireless Commander function’s of your camera to command and control an endless number of Nikon Speedlights wirelessly. This class will be taught by Joseph (JC) Carey, a Nikon Professional Services Representative. JC is a frequent user of wireless flash and will have many tips and techniques to share.
Sony-Logo5-6pm: Sony Mirrorless Cameras- Differences and Advantages: Sony’s New England trainer Jon Helgason will explain the differences between a mirrorless camera and a traditional DSLR. Are there advantages beyond the smaller size and weight? What can a mirrorless camera do that a DSLR can’t?
Panasonic_logo_bk_posi_JPEG6-7:30pm: How Micro 4/3rds and Hybrid Photography 4K video adds to your creativity: People will walk away from this lecture having creative control of their camera as well as being able to create images not snapshots. Suitable for all skill levels of photographers who are interested in exploring new ways to create images with their digital camera.

Saturday November 8th

theia_square9-10am: Demystify Your DSLR:If you’re disappointed with your images, or feel your camera has a mind of it’s own, come and get your questions answered at this casual and informative session with Jodi Feil, award-winning photographer and co-founder of THEIA Studios, Education for Imaging Arts in North Andover, MA. Jodi will cover basic techniques and answer your individual questions to jump start your image making.
Westcott_logo10-11am: Lighting for Portraiture: Presented by Westcott’s National Accounts Manager, David Piazza, this seminar will help you take control of your lighting environment and produce the style you envision. This will help you in understanding the properties of light and the manipulation possible with light modifiers to produce the most desirable lighting patterns for portraiture.
tamron-logo11am-12pm: Around the World in 80 Frames: Join photographer Andre Constantini in a brief seminar about travel photography around the world: What to look for, what to use, and how to create a sense of place.
12-1pmJoin us for Capturing Life through your Lens with veteran street shooter and people photographer Rick Gerrity. You’ll learn how to use your camera as a conversation piece to approach and talk to people anywhere to get that once in a lifetime image. We will review the camera features that are key to capturing sharp stunning images anywhere. No boring Power Points, just a display of images and how they were made.
Mylio_logo1-2pm: Tame the Photo Chaos with Mylio: Get a guided tour of hot new photo organizing tool Mylio. Sports Photographer Damian Strohmeyer and Mylio Rep Theo Vaskevitch explain the ins and outs of using Mylio to, as the name implies, keep your photographic life organized.
LYTRO_logoTag_black2-3pm: Life in a New Light: Introduction to Light Field PhotographyLytro introduced the world to light field photography and has now released an advanced light field camera. Join photographer Rick Berk to find out what this new technology can mean to your photography.
logo3-4pm: Cinemagraphs and other Photographic Innovations: Riley Stricklin from Think-Eleven will be discussing the art of Cinemagraphs and how to create them using Flixel’s award winning software “Cinemagraph Pro”. Riley will also touch upon Think-Eleven’s other exciting new products, including the LED Light Cube and Perfectly Clear: Intelligent Image Correction software.
xrite4-5pm: Color Management with X-RiteWhy doesn’t my print match what I see on my screen? MAC Group Representative and all-around great guy Ray Nason will sort all of your problems in this seminar using X-Rite’s color management products, including the Colormunki and Color checker.
5-6pm: LowePro/ Joby in actionlowepro_tto_stack_grey_black_2012-06:Join photographer Rob Moody for this 45 minute overview of the Lowepro and Joby line of imaging accessories. We will cover the various types of Lowepro bags, Joby tripods and action video accessories, as well as cover their uses and functionality. Also, learn key tips for managing and protecting your photographic equipment in difficult shooting scenarios. We will wrap it up with a quick Q&A to conclude the session.

Sunday November 9th

Mylio_logo10-11am: Tame the Photo Chaos with Mylio: Get a guided tour of hot new photo organizing tool Mylio. Sports Photographer Damian Strohmeyer and Mylio Rep Theo Vaskevitch explain the ins and outs of using Mylio to, as the name implies, keep your photographic life organized.

delkin-logo11am-12pm: Sensor cleaning, alternative mounts, and other ways to get the most out of your camera:  Delkin representative Jason Mantell will be discussing the title topics for both DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.
12-1pm: The Canon RebelsCanon-logo-2012Join John Stoilov from Canon in a discussion of the Canon Digital Rebel line. With their unique style, Canon’s DSLRs offer a wide variety of features, and their differences will be detailed here.
Nikon_21-2pm: The Nikon Entry Level DSLRs: Learn all the basics and leave with a clear understanding on getting great pictures from your Nikon Entry level DSLR (D3200-D5300). This class will be taught by Nikon Technical Sales Rep, Alex Podstawski.
Sony-Logo2-3pm: Fun with the Sony Action Cam: Come experience the possibilities for fun with a POV or Action Camera. Sony’s New England trainer, Jon Helgason, will demonstrate what can be done with Sony’s waterproof, shockproof, remote-controllable Action Cams. See what the world looks like from the point of view of your pooch…and more!
Sigma3-4pm: Environmental Portraits:Join Sigma’s tech rep Marc Farb for a look at putting an exciting spin on boring snapshots and making great portraits anywhere.