Thursday, November 6, 2014

Photography Equipment Sale

Photography Equipment Sale

Past CPPA and PVPA member is closing the studio and selling all equipment. Sale on Sat.,  Nov. 8, 2014 at 177 Hopkins Place, Longmeadow, Ma. from 9:00am to 2:00pm. (

Studio lighting equipment includes: 5 foot x 6 foot light box powered by Speedotron; Lumedyne and  Quantum QFlash; Novatron 420 VR with four heads;  Smith Victors; and  Vivitars.

Large selection of umbrellas; stands; tripods; camera brackets; paper, cloth, canvas backdrops; reflectors; meters; portable backdrop stand; frames; book collection; and many smaller items. 

Camera equipment (all film):
 RB 67 has the following lenses: 65mm: 180mm; 90mm; 2X tele converter.
1) three 120 film backs
2) a Polaroid back
3) two viewing systems and a sport attachment system
4) seven –two sided plate film containers; misc. attachments.
Two Pentax 645 bodies with:
1) two 120 backs and two 220 backs;
2) lenses are 45mm, 135mm, 200mm, and 80-160 mm zoom.

There is a refrigerator full of 120 film, both color and black and white which will be given to purchasers of the medium format cameras.

Several Minolta bodies with a large assortment of lenses.

The darkroom is available for free and has the following:
1) sink is 30” wide by 8 foot long and includes drying racks for prints and the backdrop includes a complete water system including a water filter; and connects to the water lines using flexible hoses: the size permits the processing of 16x20 prints;
2) the print washer is 20” high by 26 “ wide and will wash 10 prints at a time and has a flexible hose from the sink backdrop for its water supply and a drain hose to the sink:
3) the film drying case is 13”x13”x64” tall and has a built in fan:
4) there is a Beselar Dual Dichro 23C  enlarger with stand:
5) a film viewing box is built into a cabinet:
6) a contact printer with multiple exposure options will print up to 8”x10’ negatives;
7) there is a Solar 4x5 printer but was never used;
8) abundance of trays (up to 16”x20”), timers, etc.

 Obviously the space for the darkroom must be large enough to fit the sink into it. At this point the darkroom must go as a complete unit. I realize that it will be quite a job to move the darkroom, especially the sink which will need to be partially dismantled and re-assembled. There is a refrigerator full of black and white print paper which comes with the darkroom.