Saturday, November 21, 2015

NECCC Fall 2015 Electronic Interclub Competition

NECCC Fall 2015 Electronic Interclub Competition

The Fall 2015 competition, hosted by The Westfield Camera Club, was held on Monday, November 9, 2015 at The Arbors in Westfield, MA. The competition was directed by chairman and projectionist
Sandra Gogal with scoring assistance provided by Barbara Krawczyk, Barbara Chiampa and Judy Bolio.

Forty-three clubs participated in the Pictorial section (19 from Class A and 24 from Class B) and Fortyone clubs participated in the Nature section (16 from Class A and 25 from Class B). Thanks are extended to The Westfield Camera Club for hosting this first competition of the 2015-16 season.

The judges for the competition were:

  • Paul Deegan, MNEC, APSA, is a former Vice President of NECCC and a current member of the Quabbin Photo Club. He was a senior photographer for MassMutual for 10 years and operated his own wedding and portrait business for over 25 years. He was instrumental in organizing and producing the PSA-sponsored Springfield International Exhibition of Photography.
  • Richard Novak, MNEC, is a Vice President of NECCC in the capacity of the Historian and Memorial Fund chair. He was an in-house industrial photographer for Pratt and Whitney and is a lifetime member of the Springfield Photographic Society where he is a past president.
  • Sandy Sparks is a founding member of the Westfield Camera Club and is a past president. She is known for her inspiring photo travel images and serves as a judge for numerous NECCC member camera clubs and organizations sponsoring photo contests.

All tied photographs will receive the same score and ribbon.
This report will be posted on the NECCC web site. All winning and HM images, if not already posted, will soon appear on the NECCC web site as well. Please share that information with your club members, particularly those who ask what types of photographs win. These galleries provide your members, particularly the newer members, with great examples of good photography from which they can learn.

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