Saturday, November 14, 2015

new, easy and awesome -- Topaz Texture Effects

You all know that I just love, love, love the Topaz plugin products. I use Clarity and/or Adjust on the majority of my images. And I also love Textures. I teach a lot of texture workshops, well I used to, lol. Now Texture Effects! has made it so powerful and so simple that everyone can have fun with textures now. The Topaz Texture Effects! program even provides previews, taking the artistic guesswork out of applying textures in Photoshop. Check out Texture Effects!

$49.99 until 11/20! Coupon: TEXTUREFX -- Check out Texture Effects!

Here are some sample images (from Topaz, not mine)

Topaz Texture Effects! -- Only $49.99 until 11/20!

Below are some Texture Effects resources:

• Check out this Quick Intro Guide to see some of the notable features we are most excited about:
• Watch these short Texture Effects Tips (under 2 minutes each) videos highlighting how to use the most important areas in Texture Effects:

Browse and Download Effects:
Creating Custom Effects:
Importing Your Own Assets:
Save & Share: