Monday, February 1, 2016

Make 2016 the year your photography improves

Are you Noodling? Or do you take your Art seriously? Read Scott Kelby's article and make 2016 the year you practice your craft, attend a workshop, sign up for the 2016 NECCC vonference with three days of total immersion into photography. Make 2016 the time you learn and improve. Good enough is not good enough. Stop taking snapshots, learn to create photographic pieces of art.

"If you grab your camera, head out the door, and just kind of shoot whatever comes your way — you’re noodling.  It’s fun — just walking around and taking photos of whatever — I do it myself when I get a chance, but it doesn’t make you better at photography. It doesn’t improve your photography. It doesn’t make you grow, but it’s fun and there’s nothing wrong with fun, as long as you understand that’s what it is. The problem is — I’m not sure a lot of photographers realize that. And that’s precisely why they’re not getting better. They’re doing a lot of noodling, and not a lot of real practicing at all."

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