Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 21,2017 Millennials, Marriage & Marketing with Patricia Takacs”

May 21,2017 Millennials, Marriage & Marketing with Patricia Takacs”

How to generate the attention of the next generation.

If you love wedding photography and wonder what it takes to get ahead of the competition, this is the perfect workshop for you!

To get hired; you have to get them to notice YOU!

Join Patti for a full day of marketing to the modern bride:

Topics include:

Blogging for success, what modern day brides want to see on a website when searching for a photographer.

Learn the importance of portfolio curation and the face you show the world be it instagram, Facebook or other platforms

Understand why finding your ideal client is not only important to you; but how it will allow you to deliver the ultimate experience for your couple.

Round your day off by taking your marketing and portfolio to a new level to REALLY stand out.

Discover why stylized shoots can build your vendor network and ultimately bring you the ideal higher end clients and incredible locations you dream about.


you do NOT need to be a PPA member to attend