Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Friday, July 14 (9 am – Noon) – Workshops and Portfolio Reviews will run concurrently.
You cannot attend more than one.

Participants in any Workshop must also be paid registrants for the Conference.  Class size is limited. Register early. If paying by check please write separate checks for the Conference and for any of the seven pre-Conference workshops.  See Registration Instructions for Workshop cancellation policy. See for additional information.  Electrical outlets will be provided for power as necessary. The fee for each workshop is $66.95; this includes a 3% UMASS administrative fee.

Workshop I – Digital Boot Camp
By Vinny and Annette Colucci (NC)
This workshop will cover the A to Z basics in photography. Learn about aperture for depth of field for creative control, and shutter speed for freezing or implying motion. Understand the simple approach to exposure and the proper use of the histogram. Know how to compose your subject as well as when to break the typical compositional rules. Discussed will be composition, white balance as a filter set, advanced settings and camera modes such as aperture priority, shutter speeds, manual settings. Also discussed will be lens selection and proper use of tripods. The last portion will be a Q and A with a hands-on demonstration of going through your camera menus to make certain they are set correctly to optimize your images. There will be a few door prizes at the end of event. Prerequisite: Bring your camera with a short lens you can hand hold, camera manual and notepaper.  (Door Prize Sponsors: Wimberly; Singh-Ray; Nikon Professional Services)

Workshop II – Social Media for Photographers
By Joe Edelman (PA)
This is a three-hour deep dive workshop based on the popular social media talk that Joe presented at last year’s conference. Joe will be doing hands on demos and reviews to ensure that you leave the workshop prepared to be a social media star.  The workshop will begin with a Photoshop and Lightroom demo full of tips and tricks for preparing your images to look their best online and a review of ways to automate the process of creating Facebook timeline covers.  Joe will bring you up to date on the absolute latest information on all the major social media platforms and how you can use them to simply share your photos with friends, relatives and other photographers or to build a following and build a business.  This workshop will include personalized reviews of attendee’s social media profiles as time permits. Prerequisite: Bring your laptop and make sure you have access to all your social media profiles.
Workshop III: Art of the Fine Print
By A.Cemal Ekin, MNEC (RI)
In this three-hour workshop the participants will work on their own photographs using Adobe Lightroom, and learn how to prepare their images for printing. The work environment, display calibration, producing the print and evaluating it under proper viewing light will be fully explored. Each participant will produce print(s) on an Epson printer using Red River papers. Print critique and necessary adjustments will be provided. Prerequisite: Laptop computers with a relatively recent version of Lightroom, 5.7, 6, or CC installed and images your imported to the catalog. The preferred image format is RAW but you may also work on JPEG format images. Limited to 15 participants (Sponsored by Red River Paper)

Workshop IV – Maximum Control in Photoshop
By Tim Grey (NY)
If you want to learn to truly master the use of Photoshop to exercise maximum control over your photographic images, you won’t want to miss this hands-on session with Tim Grey. You’ll learn a full workflow for making your photos look their best, with an emphasis on a thoughtful workflow featuring advanced adjustments. You’ll get tips on processing RAW captures in Adobe Camera Raw, learn to make the most of adjustment layers, gain a strong understanding of the Curves adjustment, learn to create optimal selections, apply targeted adjustments through the use of sophisticated layer masks, and much more. Prerequisites: Participants will be expected to have Photoshop CC pre-loaded and activated on their laptops and know how to open and save files. Those who prefer to use Photoshop CS6 may still participate, but need to understand that some features covered in the class may not be available or may be implemented differently in Photoshop CS6. This is an intermediate to advanced class.

Workshop V - Create Tack Sharp Macro Images -Without A Tripod!
By Roman Kurywczak, ANEC (NJ)
Tired of carrying around your tripod for macro photography?  Many flower shows and arboretums don’t allow the use of a tripod as well.  Roman will guide you through the steps of creating tack sharp macro images without using a tripod!  The secret to his success is effectively using flash as well as other light sources.  During the lecture Roman will provide you with the settings and secrets to creating your own tack sharp macro images whether you are out in the field or inside a facility that doesn’t allow the use of tripods. Everything from gear, camera settings, to accessories will be covered in this instructional program. After the lecture portion, there will be an approximately 2-hour shoot where you can put what you learned to use with flower setups and more.  Bring your camera with fully charged battery, memory cards, and a flash (if you have one).  Sigma technical representative Mike Deutsch will be there with Sigma macro gear for you to try out. (Sponsored by Sigma)

Workshop VI – iPhone Magic
By Charles Needle (CA)
This workshop will cover the technical aspects of iPhone photography — including how to optimize use of native camera functions, equipment and accessories, workflow and printing considerations.  Through a series of "live" demonstrations (projected on the screen), Charles will teach you how to translate your creative vision into pixels using various iPhone apps.  He will cover some of his favorite shooting and post-processing apps, including editing apps, such as Snapseed and Retouch; shooting apps such as Camera+, Slow Shutter, LongExpo Pro, VividHDR and Burst Mode; compositing and masking apps such as Image Blender, Autopainter, Distressed FX, and many more. Concluding the workshop will be hands-on shooting with your iPhone, using various apps and then post-processing them. Your images will also be shared and projected as time permits. Prerequisites: Latest operating system (OS) installed on your iPhone, as well as the following key apps, which are available for download by visiting the Apple App Store: Snapseed, Retouch, VividHDR, Slow Shutter, Burst Mode, Camera+ (not Camera Plus), Panorama (blue and white yin/yang icon), Autopainter 1 and Image Blender along with 5-10 unprocessed images in your Camera Roll.  Note: Android users are welcome to attend, but this session is geared primarily towards iPhone users.

Workshop VII – Understanding Color and Its Impact on Mind and Emotions
By Bryan F. Peterson (WA)
Based on Bryan’s newest book, due out September 1, 2017, this class is truly all about color; seeing color, composing color, exposing color and processing color. Color does surround us, yet most of us don’t see color and its splendor. And when we do start seeing color, do you know which colors work best near the bottom of the overall composition, near the top; which colors are the easiest to expose for, which are the hardest; which colors are the most advancing, which are the most receding. This course leaves ‘no color unturned’; the culture of color, and the many emotional messages of color are discussed in great length as well. And of course you will learn about a single PS tool that is rarely used by most photographers, yet so vitally important IF you desire to achieve maximum color intensity and for sure this tool is NOT the Vibrance, Hue/Saturation or Color Balance Tool. This course is perfect for all photographers from beginner to pro. 

Workshops and Portfolio reviews will run concurrently, so you cannot attend both

This is your opportunity to have up to 15 images (prints and/or digital) reviewed by one of New England’s top photographers/judges. Reviewers include Bill Barnett, APSA, AFIAP, MNEC; Jake Mosser, HonPSA, EPSA, HonNEC, and Sarah Musumeci, MNEC. The cost is $41.20 per 40 minute session. Participants can discuss their work on an individual basis. If you sign up for this service, a confirmation form will be sent to you by June 23rd.   You must return the form by June 29th. You will then be contacted via e-mail with the time slot and reviewer to whom you have been assigned.  Please note this activity takes place at the same time as the other seven pre-conference seminarsIf paying by check write a separate check.