Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Conference Workshops

$52 before June 26th ($62 after) Pre-registration required. Class sizes are limited; Register Early!
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CW1     Image Review by Conference Speaker ~45 minutes. Have up to 15 images reviewed by one of North America’s top photographers who will provide feedback and help you grow as a photographer. An email to pick your top three reviewers will be sent to you by 6/21 (due back 6/28). You will likely get your 1st/2nd choice; Time slot/reviewer will be emailed to you.

CW2*     Jackie Kramer (FL) Artistic Floral Post-Processing Techniques (laptops*) Friday 12:30-3:15pm All skill levels. Watch how you can take a good image & make it stellar using a variety of editing techniques ranging from a short five-minute Lightroom edit to a composite in Photoshop. Guaranteed to ensure your creative juices flow long after your initial captures in the field as you upload & edit later at your computer. You will walk away expanding the universe of potential images and broadening your vision.

CW3*  Clifford Pickett (NY) Lightroom Post-Processing Magic (laptops*) Saturday 12:30-3pm A Foundational Masterclass on Leveraging the Full Power of Lightroom Using A Visual Roadmap. This class is very different than others you have taken. Lightroom is a powerful tool but the most powerful tool available to you as a photographer is knowledge. Have you ever wondered what actually makes an image better and why? Come gain that knowledge. Clifford will share his Visual Roadmap, a framework for understanding & applying the various tools available in LR. Basically, when you look at your photo, you’ll know what to do & how to do it. Most photographers, even those who have been using LR for a while, have no idea of the real power under the hood. Whether you’re a total beginner or advanced, you’re going to walk away knowing how to do things you never knew of or thought about before, that you didn’t even know was possible inside LR. We’re going to go way beyond just what the sliders do here! All skill levels.

* For CW2 and CW3 You may share a laptop with a friend or just come and /follow along. If you bring your laptop, you are expected to have the following software pre-installed. Kramer; Lightroom and Photoshop CS6 or PS CC; Pickett: Lightoom

CW4    George Fellner (CT) -- Imaginary Realms: Macro Photography of Stones & Crystals (Optimizing Depth of Field in Photography). Hands-on with PS demo. Friday 12:30-3:30 The realities of depth of field may pose limitations for certain types of photography. 3-Dimensional subjects, particularly in macro photography (also in landscape and architectural scenes), are challenging with regard to establishing sharp focus throughout. Focus stacking involves taking a series of photos at multiple focus points which are combined in post-processing into a single optimized depth of field image. Bring camera, macro lens, tripod, shutter release cable. Skill Level:  intermediate

CW5       Mark Bowie, ANEC (MA) (ADKPI)NIGHT Photo Shoot Bring your camera Fri 10pm 
                  Sat 10pm opens after Friday fills

CW6       Susan Magnano (NY) NIGHT Light Painting Portraits Bring your camera Fri 10pm 
                 Sat 10pm open after Friday fills

CW9    Scott Kelby (FL) How to critique your own work Friday 6:30-7:30pm. Scott shares his tools for evaluating photographs across a wide variety of genres. This class was born from Scott’s experience hosting blind photo critiques on the Grid, where he discovered that many submitted photos suffer from a range of technical issues that every photographer should be trying to avoid. Gain a strong foundation in understanding the technical problems we all encounter, whether you are shooting landscapes, portraits, sports, travel, or in the studio, and learn how to use that information to evaluate the photos you plan to share with the world. By the end of this class you’ll have a new way to see your photos, and new tools to help you curate a portfolio of your strongest work.

Workshops CW10-14 Pre-registration required No charge if registered before June 26th ($62 after)

CW10        George Fellner (CT) Architectural Photo Walkabout Sunday 10am

CW11-13  Marc Farb ANEC (NY) Models & Fast Lenses Outside; Sigma loaners 
                  CW11 Fri 2:15pm 
                  CW12 Sat 2pm 
                  CW13 Sat 3:30pm

CW14      Lou & Todd Nettelhorst (IL) Sun8:30-12:30 Clinic: Designing your Photographs Using the Building Blocks of Visual Design This four-hour clinic has 3 parts: INFORM (presentation), PRACTICE (hands-on macro shoot) & FEEDBACK (image review). You will learn to design images, not just take them, using visual design building blocks. The Clinic enhances your awareness of subjects, taps into your creativity & teaches you to see differently, as you practice what you learn, & receive gentle, but honest feedback. It might just change your photographic life! Freeman Patterson’s Visual Design Workshops inspired the content, used with permission.

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