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Friday, July 17 (8:30–11:30am, except #8 & 9) – Workshops and Image Critiques run concurrently. You can only attend one. Workshop participants must be paid conference registrants. Class size is limited. Register early. If paying by check please write separate conference & workshop checks. See Registration Instructions for cancellation policy. The pre-conference workshop fee is $70 (unless listed below), which includes a 3% UMASS administrative fee. Antoinette Gombeda, APSA, HonNEC ( will send class location, location of registration package, updated information, etc. in early July. You may rank your top three choices in case one is full.

PRE-CONFERENCE IMAGE CRITIQUE Critiques run concurrently with Pre-Conference Workshops so you cannot attend both. $42 ~40-min. session. Special opportunity for NECCC conference attendees -- a one-on-one evaluation of your photographs (up to 15 images, prints and/or digital) by an experienced, accomplished New England photographer. Image Critiques will be by NECCC-affiliated photographers Bill Barnett, APSA, SMPSA, AFIAP, HonNEC; Jacob Mosser HonPSA,  EPSA, HonNEC or Sarah Musumeci, MNEC. Susan Mosser ( will send confirmation by 6/26 (due back 7/1). You will be sent an email with your time slot & reviewer.

#1 “Lightroom Crash Course” Scott Kelby (FL) If you want to get up & running fast on Lightroom Classic, this class will get you there. You’ll learn Scott’s back-up strategy, how to organize your images in an easy way that makes sense, & his step-by-step method for post-processing your images that will make your photo rock! You’ll be learning just the most important, most useful, and easiest way to get your Lightroom life in order. For all skill levels:  Perfect for those brand-new to Lightroom, or even for folks who have been using it for a few years now but want to take their skills to the next level. Laptops not necessary.

#2 "The Art of Seeing” with Frans Lanting (CA) In this instructive presentation, Frans Lanting will share his secrets for how he creates memorable images by applying key ingredients like subject, point of view, composition, light, moment and meaning to any photographic situation. You will learn how you can translate his concepts into creative photographs yourself. For all skill levels.

#3 Paralleling Still and Motion” Corey Rich (CA) Sponsored by Nikon. With today’s cameras, it has never been easier for contemporary storytellers to capture HD video in tandem with still images. But making that transition from still photography to recording video is not as simple as just hitting a button on your camera. Capturing both still & motion in parallel demands a specific approach and a dynamic way of thinking in order to achieve a solid body of still and video content expected from today’s storytellers. Corey will share over a decade of experience shooting still & motion in parallel and guide you through his approach. This course begins with conceptualizing an idea, and covers working through the pitfalls (and benefits) of wearing both a director’s and photographer’s hat at the same time, how to powerfully communicate a concept through the two distinct media, working alone vs. with a production crew, the benefit of going light-and-fast with smaller and better gear, and ultimately what it takes to powerfully communicate your story. For all skill levels.    

#4 “Life-Size and Beyond: A Workshop in Macro Photography” Joey Terrill (CA) Sponsored by Nikon. Immerse yourself in the colors, textures & detail that's revealed through macro photography. In this hands-on shooting workshop (bring your camera) we'll be using colorful feathers, butterfly wings, flower petals, & other subjects as we experiment with a variety of macro techniques. Our emphasis will be on choosing interesting subjects, composing for maximum impact to reveal every intricacy. The process of composing & lighting can be calming and meditative as you progress, or adrenaline-filled as you see the final result begin to emerge. The pictures are always revealing in their detail & the creative process is deeply satisfying to experience. We'll have access to all the equipment needed for macro photography, as well as some exotic gear that makes high-magnification captures much easier. We'll use helpful tools for positioning subjects, discuss some devices used to precisely move the camera, employ some readily available backgrounds & discuss optional camera & lens settings. Everyone will have ample time to create several new images. I hope you'll come magnify the world with us! All skill levels.

#5 “Exposure Blending with Luminosity Masks” Greg Benz (MN) (laptop*) For people looking to use luminosity masks to extract more color & detail from their photos & is comfortable with the basics of layers/masks in Photoshop. This course covers: Blending Multiple Files, Multi-processing single RAW files, Optimal Shooting RAW for Blending, Getting Great Color, Fixing Halos & Tree Edges, Sky replacement, Luminosity Masks & Selections. No experience with luminosity masks required, but this is not for people who have never used Photoshop. You may choose to share a computer with a friend/spouse or just come and take notes/follow along. If you bring your computer, you are expected to have Photoshop CS6 or CC pre-loaded and activated on your laptop. Information about downloading the free Lumenzia panel or purchasing one at a discounted price will be sent. Intermediate-to-Advanced

#6 “Photoshop: The Power of Contrast: Magic in Your Hands” Lisa Langell (AZ) (laptop*) Get ready for a game-changer! Whether you are controlling for contrast in your exposures themselves, and/or in post-processing, this fun, informative & interactive session will help you learn the tricks & techniques necessary to make your images go from drab to fab! Learn techniques that can be accomplished in-the-field as well as during post-processing that will amaze you. Explore before-and-after examples & teach you how you can do so with your own images simply & effectively. This is NOT Introduction to Photoshop. Topics include layers, simple masking, adjustment brushes in Adobe Camera Raw (Lightroom works very similarly). You may choose to share a computer with a friend/spouse or just come and take notes/follow along. If you bring your computer, Photoshop CS6 or CC must be pre-loaded and activated. Intermediate  

#7 “Maximum Depth of Field– Using Focus Stacking and Bracketing” Peter Baumgarten (Ontario, Canada) Anyone who has worked with a macro lens recognizes that it can be a real challenge to achieve a sharp subject from front to back and still maintain a nice, soft, defocused background. In fact, with most subjects it's an impossible task. Enter focus stacking or focus bracketing. The concept is simple. Take a series of photos with each one being focused at a slightly different point on your subject. Olympus has automated the process so that you can achieve the maximum depth of field and get the final stacked image – all in your Olympus camera! This same concept can also be used to create landscape images with incredible depth of field. Join Olympus Visionary Peter Baumgarten for this hands-on workshop on how to use the focus stacking & bracketing feature built into Olympus OMD cameras. You will learn the basics of focus stacking and bracketing, the camera controls that will guarantee better success and some post-processing options available for focus bracketing. This feature can be used for both macro & landscape shooting situations. Bring: camera, SD card, Tripod. Olympus will have cameras & lenses available to try focus stacking in-camera. For all skill levels, but you must be able to stand during this workshop.

#8 “A Morning with the Butterflies and Flowers at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens” Kathleen Clemons (ME) Sponsored by Lensbaby. Spend a fun morning photographing at Magic Wings before it opens to the public. This is an ideal time as the butterflies are resting, making them easier to photograph. Bring a traditional macro lens & borrow a Lensbaby. Whether you recently bought a new Lensbaby, are thinking about getting one, or your Lensbaby is sitting in a closet this class is for you. Participants must drive to 281 Greenfield Rd, South Deerfield, MA (~12 miles from UMass). Arrive at 6:45am. Shoot 7-9am; Informal image review & breakfast afterwards (breakfast not included in cost). For all skill levels; you must be able to stand during this workshop.

#9A/B “Photograph Birds of Prey & Raptors” Joe & Mary Ann McDonald (PA) Sponsored by Olympus. Get advice on light,  exposure composition, depth of field, shutter speed, auto focusing modes, focusing tips, etc. During the shoot you will be able to try Olympus cameras/lenses. Two 10-person sessions, 9A: 8:30-10am and 9B: 10-11:30am. Outside (weather permitting). For all skill levels. You must be able to stand during this workshop. Participants must drive to the workshop (~12 miles from UMass).

#10 Camera Basics: Mode, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, etc. Chane Cullens MNEC (CT). Learn how to use aperture & shutter priority modes, exposure compensation, ISO, shallow versus deep depth of field, blurred & frozen motion, properly exposed dark backgrounds & a properly exposed bright background during this hands-on workshop. Bring your mirrorless or dSLR camera & manual. For beginners.

#11 Get Creative with Nik/DxO Software (laptops) Kate Silvia (SC) We will concentrate on three Nik programs: Viveza, Color Efex Pro & Silver Efex Pro, spending time with each program, learning how to best take advantage of their strengths and possibilities. We'll incorporate them into our overall workflow both from Lightroom & Photoshop and have a lot of fun. For intermediate photo processing level photographers. You may share a computer with a friend or just come and follow along. If you bring your computer, you are expected to have Photoshop CS6 or PS CC and Nik/DxO pre-installed.

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Join us for three Feature Presentations and over 30 Speakers: Scott Kelby (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning), Frans Lanting (Friday night) and Corey Rich (Saturday night). There are learning opportunities for everyone! Included in this year's lineup:

• 11 Pre-Conference Workshops, plus Pre-Conference Image Critiques
• 14 Conference Workshops, plus Conference Image Reviews
• 42 Different Conference Programs
• 16 Photo Walks Lead by conference speakers Saturday morning
• Lots of Photo Ops & Demos by speakers
• Female Models, Character Models, Steampunk, Ballerinas, Pirates & More!
• Print and digital competitions
• Trade Show and Equipment Loaning (Hunt’s Photo & Video, Canon, Fujifilm, Lensbaby, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, Sigma, Sony, Tamron, and more)
• Door Prize Extravaganza and a free 75th-anniversary gift for all registered attendees
• Participate in our Sunday morning event: The Armored Combat League (Knights engaging with medieval weapons event Sunday morning)

We are offering the same low registration prices for this year’s conference – registration prices haven’t increased in the past few years! Registration can be completed by mail, fax or by using the online registration page. Phone registrations are not accepted.

Group Registrants: You should also register online early to optimize your chance of receiving your choice for housing, workshops, photo walk … Select 3-Day Group Registration when prompted for a registration type.