Friday, February 21, 2014

for NECCC member camera clubs

It has come to my attention that some NECCC reps and some presidents of NECCC member camera clubs are not aware of some of the things that NECCC offers...

You can also access the information given to the NECCC club rep online in the club service packet area on the website. Club Services Packet. Here is a listing of your club’s guide to participation in all the NECCC activities as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.  Included are some suggestions as to when the various sections need to be attended to.  Some sections are for reference; others need to be distributed to the several club members responsible for particular activities.

(1) Courtesy Enrollment for the Conference (deadline March 1st)
The New England Camera Club Council, Inc. invites each NECCC member camera club to select 
one of their camera club members to receive free registration to the next annual NECCC conference, held 
at U-Mass, Amherst, Mass. on July 11-13, 2014. The complimentary registration gives the person 
submitted by your club all the learning experiences, photo opportunities and inspirational programs that 
go along with the conference.

(2) The speakers and judges list so clubs know what speakers/programs and judges are available to them. A hard copy is handed out to the NECCC rep, but the electronic copy can be downloaded at any time. 

(3) NECCC also offers a commentary service, and they are surprised that not more clubs take advantage of the service which is only $8

(4) NECCC also offers recorded programs for only $5

NECCC also wants to announce Photography photo ops, programs, workshops, etc. from the New England Region on the NECCC blog There is soooo much going on in the New England region and we want to share it! Seminars, workshops, camera club programs, outside speakers, Canon Explorers of Light, photo ops, -- and first hand information providing updates on seasonal shooting (sunflowers, spring flowers, fall foliage). Let's SHARE! In this day of social media "we" (photographers) should be sharing upcoming photography with each other so everyone can know about them and choose to participate. The NECCC Blog and Facebook site are wonderful places to share what is going on photographically in the New England Region. Please have your club representative and/or publicity person contact me with information about your club's events, programs, seminars, etc. that you are offering. If you have a first hand update on a seasonal event we would like that too (how are the Sunflowers at Buttonwood farm, are the daffodils peak, how is the fall foliage, etc.). Email me at with "for the NECCC Blog" in the subject line and we will let the entire New England area know about the photo op or your club's event! Let's rock the New England region with an abundance of shared information and opportunities!! 

(6) The NECCC Blog is also looking for blog posts, guest bloggers, and writers of technical articles. If you would like to write about speakers you have had, how to attract speakers, how to obtain good quality judges for competitions, topics for meetings, how to successfully run a club (e.g best practices, dos and donts), how to make/improve/maintain a club website, etc. please Lisa at 

(7) (NEW) NECCC Camera Club Spotlight. NECCC wants to feature YOUR club. Let us spotlight YOUR camera club on the NECCC Blog.

Clubs, please send 2-10 JPGs (1024x768 preferred) along with the makers' names and perhaps some information about the photographs (you can choose winning images, representative images or just random images from your members)

Club Name:
Club website:
Club contact (email address, phone number optional):
Club Meeting Location:
Club Meeting Times:
Club Mission Statement (if you have one, optional):
Number of members: 
Year your camera club started:
What is something about your club we might not know?
Three words that best describe your camera club (optional):
Favorite subject matter of your members (optional):
Favorite field trip (optional):

Send this all to me, Lisa, via email: with your club name and NECCC Camera Club Spotlight in the subject line. Clubs will be featured in the order received.