Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lightroom Workshop (Library and Develop Modules)

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Whitney Center. 200 Leeder Hill Drive, Hamden, CT
You can use Lightroom for full and effective editing abilities. Lightroom is easy, simple and fast. In literally seconds you can tweak a RAW image to improve its impact. Lightroom is really several programs all wrapped into one, so we will be concentration on the Library and Develop modules, otherwise this would be a three day workshop, not a three hour workshop. This workshop will get you up and going in Lightroom. 
Purchased Lightroom and not using it? Don't want to subscribe to the cloud? Come and see just how easy Lightroom is to use. 
Bring your laptop or just come and follow along. 
Workshop price $20 (free for New Haven Camera Club members, we have the membership list). 
We will be using Lightroom 5 (but most features are the same from LR4).
Please note that there is a rather large difference between Lightroom 3 and 4/5, and we will be teaching Lightroom 4 & 5. You can upgrade from Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 5 by either purchasing the upgrade or download a free 30-day trial on the Adobe website. 
We will show you how to use the Libary module, and how easy it is to make your images POP by "Developing" your "digital negatives" using the Develop Module. Learn how to make virtual copies of your phototograph to make different edits on different versions (for example, you can easily create a black and white or sepia version of your photograph). 
Lightroom is very easy to use. What gets people is the change in the way Lightroom handles files. You need to create a catalog and you need to use the easy but rather obtuse "import" and "export" features to get your photographs into and out of Lightroom. 
No refunds but ice or heavy snow will dictate that the workshop is rescheduled. 

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