Saturday, February 22, 2014

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Workshop with tripods at Grand Central

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Workshop with tripods 

at Grand Central

  • Grand Central Terminal 89 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 
  • Come and photograph the majestic Grand Central terminal -- capture all of the details in the shadows and highlights with HDR photography! We have special permission to use tripods during this five hour workshop. See some photographs images here
  • You will be taking 3-10 exposures in order to capture all of the details in the shadows and highlights. Tom and I will be helping you with compositions, checking exposures, etc. For the first hour we are very hands on helping you with your camera settings, interpreting histograms, etc. After the first hour we will be shooting too, but will aid you with compositions, check in on your exposures, etc. Experienced photographers can utilize us for as much or as little assistance as desired. Sometimes just getting the inside scoop on compositions and being able to use a tripod is reason enough to come with us! We will get you up to speed because we have been there with tripods so many times we know some great compositions!