Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Day with Bryan Peterson April 11, 2015

Charter Oak Photographic Society, Inc. 


A Day with Bryan Peterson 

April 11, 2015, 9:00—4:00 

Trinity-on-Main Cultural Center in New Britain, CT

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Bryan has been a successful commercial photographer for over 30 years. His clients include American Express, Kodak, UPS, Phillips and Citibank. In addition he has received awards from the Communication Arts Photography Annual seven times, Print Magazine four times and has also won the prestigious New York Art Directors Gold Award. He has also been a contributing editor at Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer magazines. Bryan is the Co-Founder of; The Perfect Picture School of Photography, the world’s number one on-line photography school, PPSOP Within the photographic community he is best known as the photographer/writer of eight best selling books, Understanding Exposure, Learning to See Creatively, Beyond portraiture, Understanding Close-up Photography, Understanding Shutter Speed, Bryan F. Peterson’s Field Guide to Understanding Composition and his latest book, Exposure Solutions as well as the photographer for the “You Keep Shooting” videos that are seen on Bryan also offers  hotography workshops all over the world, you can learn more at

Morning presentation
Understanding Composition - Light is to photography as paint is to a painter: without light, our art would never progress beyond mere blank canvasses, unrealized potential never brought to life. Professional photographer Bryan Peterson will share his years of field experience chasing the light and trying to find the right combination of color, light, mood, and composition to bring his subjects to their fullest expression.

Afternoon Presentation
Learning to See Creatively - Once you've captured the light in the field, it is important to optimize your photos during the digital processing phase to bring them to their fullest potential. Bryan will discuss a number of techniques that are part of his personal digital darkroom workflow for unlocking the magic contained with the digital raw file.

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