Monday, February 16, 2015


Here is an exciting and comprehensive workshop on photography of possible interest to the beginners in your clubs (groups). It is DRIPPING with valuable information and fun.
PHOTOGRAPHY FAST TRACK:  What I Wish I Had Known When I Started

PRESENTER:  Sue Fenton, M Ed, Organizer of Shutter-Buds Photography Group
PERFECT FOR:  Beginners, anyone who wants a refresher
Join me for this special and very unique all-day workshop. It’s an exciting wide angle view of photography which will explore everything from holding a camera  to framing and playing with your photos –
and everything in between. It’s all the information of a variety of aspects of photography I wish I had known when I started.

How light makes an image; tourist photo vs a photography; equipment & accessories; types of lenses; exposure; depth of field and motion modes (aperture & shutter); auto to manual and in between; ISO to the rescue; how to determine camera settings painlessly in 3 or 4 photos; good focus; metering, exposure compensation; types of light; elements of composition; special shooting situations (fireworks, waterfalls, landscapes, zoom, etc.); night shooting; about the flash; the secret to getting sharp photos; how to make a good portrait; shooting in RAW or JPEG; taking good photos; uploading and organizing images; intro to editing software (Photoshop, Elements) and their tools; photo art; cool processing tricks; printing and framing, playing with photos (books, cards, etc); how to create a slide show; helpful photo apps; online learning; legal issues; good habits & tips; advice for continuing one’s journey in photography, and more surprises.
FEATURES:  A colorful Power Point presentation (charts, short videos, visual metaphors to make concepts easier) spiced with humor & music. There’ll be time to 1) practice changing settings and manipulating aperture and shutter dials on your camera ("driving" your camera) and 2) experiment with editing/processing using software you have loaded or an online website.  3) Getting creative.  A lively, enjoyable, and very informative day. Leave motivated and empowered! 
TIME:   9:00 am - 4:00 pm  (one-hour lunch)
RESERVATIONS: $50.00   Pay online at: or send a check to Sue Fenton, Madame Fifi Publications, PO Box 310194, Newington, CT  06131.
LOCATION:  Stew Leonard's Community Room, 3475 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT
BRING:  Your camera, camera manual, iPad or notebook to go online, notebook & pen. If you have a laptop, have these images loaded: (1) photo to work on in editing, (5) photos to create a slideshow, and (1) self-portrait. If you don’t have a laptop, you partner with someone.
RSVP:  By March 1.

Sue Fenton  Organizer, Shutter-Buds