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70th NECCC Annual Photography Conference Conference Program Descriptions

70th NECCC Annual Photography Conference Conference Program Descriptions

Lindsay Adler (NY) Conquering Evil Light

Sometimes photographers have to shoot in less than ideal lighting situations. Perhaps the wedding is midday in the middle of a field, or perhaps your event is in a fluorescent-lit room. Lindsay will discuss the top ten worst photography lighting situations and how to conquer them. She will explain which solutions are most practical and why one option may be preferable over another. You will leave this program feeling far less intimidated by poor light situations. Sponsored by Sigma and Miller’s Lab

John Barclay (PA) Dream – Believe – Create
This presentation is designed to motivate and inspire you to believe that you can create the images you have always dreamed about making. You will be encouraged to capture the essence of the subjects you are drawn to using the creative medium of photography. This might entail capturing a small intimate portion of a scene or it might involve more creative techniques such as multiple exposures, the “slide sandwich” or camera movement for a more expressive interpretation. Numerous examples of traditional nature scenes as well as more abstract and urban compositions will be included. Together, you and John will take a journey to where you will be liberated to Dream again, believing that you can indeed create the images you imagine! (B, I, A) Sponsored by Athentech

Joe Brady (NY) Ten Tips for Creating Better Landscape Photographs
Join host Joe Brady as he shares his tips and insights for creating better landscape photographs. While
technical and software processing techniques will be explored, this presentation hopes to offer you some insights on how to approach landscape photography in ways that will make the experience more rewarding and help you to produce better results. Whatever your style and wherever you go, this presentation can help you to approach the landscape so that it will begin to fully share its beauty and secrets with you. (B, I, A) Sponsored by Sony

Bruce Dorn (AZ) Unleashing Your Inner Filmmaker
Just about every modern DSLR now features HD filmmaking capability and it's high time that you explore these wonderful storytelling features. From simply documenting a day in the park with the kids to producing your own scripted narrative, there are certain basic filmmaking techniques which must be understood and applied. Join Canon Explorer of Light and 30 year Hollywood veteran, Bruce Dorn, as he demystifies the filmmaking process in this entertaining and educational session. Attend, learn, and start your own meteoric climb to filmmaking stardom! (B, I, A) Sponsored by Canon

Andre Gallant, ANEC (Canada) – Inspiration – Creative Photography Projects
As photographers we all strive to feel and be creative, but often, we don’t seem to have enough time to photograph, or we can fall into a rut. Andre will share with you some creative exercises and photography challenges that will inspire and motivate you to pick up your camera and start shooting. It can be something as basic as photographing a simple topic or it can be more elaborate like embarking on a 52 week photography challenge with some friends or camera club members. You will no doubt leave inspired, ready to embark on your own journey of creativity and discovery. (B)

Michael Goodman, MNEC (NH) Adding Points to your Competition Images
Actively competing in club competitions has had an enormous impact on my photographic skills. As both a judge and competitor for some time, I’ve learned a few things about how to more successfully compete at camera clubs as well as international exhibitions. I will be sharing what has and hasn’t worked for me both in capturing as well as selecting winning images in nature/wildlife, landscapes, sports and travel. What really does make a good competition image? My focus will be on creating images that get the judge’s attention and even more importantly gets the audience’s attention. (B, I, A)

Lou Jones (MA) It’s Not as Easy as it Looks: the Stories Behind the Scenes
In the strange world of commercial photography, the final image appears pristine and effortless. Yet as photographers, we know it is often the culmination of days, weeks, even months of calculated preparations. In no other profession, is the behind the scenes planning as complex. Come and hear photographer and Road Warrior, Lou Jones, share his expertise from three decades of producing iconic shots for ad campaigns, annual reports, magazine articles, book texts and long term projects. From the Olympics to Death Row, Fortune 500 to National Geographic, Lou’s trials and tribulations in the trenches, on the road, and in the studio will be discussed. Lou will reveal, step-by-step, his creative process from accepting an assignment, planning the shot, and troubleshooting the unexpected to achieve the desired result. If you ever wondered, what does it take to get that shot? Then come see examples and hear the stories of a master photographer known for his animated presentations. (B, I, A) Sponsored by Nikon

Jürgen M. Lobert (MA) Urban Night Photography
Jürgen will show how to create urban nightscapes, hauntingly beautiful views of captured time and deepened colors. Night photography transforms the familiar and can create exciting cityscapes, revealing beauty in the mundane. Night images relay a profound serenity by capturing time, where clouds and cars become streaks, water ripples smooth over and stars form trails in the sky. Urban night photos require the photographer to balance highlights of a multitude of sources, which becomes a rewarding challenge needing different approaches compared to naturally moonlit scenes. Jürgen will show many examples of waterfront images, motion, different vantage points and, yes, even urban star trails! The presentation will also touch on equipment, basic camera settings, white balance, sources of light and how to process the outcome. (I, A)

Bob Ring and Donald Toothaker (MA) Exploring Black and White
Join our speakers as they explore B&W photography from both the technical and creative sides of today's digital photography. Bob and Don discuss best camera techniques, software and brands of print paper to use and much more. They also discuss the best attributes of an image for B&W photography. The key to the creative process starts with being able to 'see' in B&W. Can you? (B, I, A) Sponsored by New England Photo Workshops Kathy Tarantola (MA) Panoramic Landscape Photography Creating captivating panoramic images is within reach of all photographers these days with digital stitching, but it still takes a good eye and a bit of technical skill to make them really shine. Kathy Tarantola has been taking panoramic landscapes for many years, both digitally and with a Noblex 120mm rotating film camera. She will show samples of her work and discuss composition, equipment, and techniques for creating successful images.

Charles Glatzer (NC) – Metering Demystified
Meter Patterns determine exposure. Priority Modes change variables. All Metering Patterns and methods will work, some are simply easier to implement than others in certain circumstances. When photographing wildlife, the difference in capturing a mediocre image or the image of a lifetime often comes down to fleeting seconds. Learn how, why, and when to use the various patterns and modes to your best advantage. The advantages and detriments of Manual and Av priority modes will be covered at length. Easy to remember exposure tips and techniques will be provided. (I, A) Sponsored by Canon

Roman Kurywczak (NJ) Create Tack Sharp Macro Images -without a tripod!
Tired of carrying around your tripod for macro photography? Many flower shows and arboretums don’t allow the use of a tripod as well. Roman will guide you through the steps of creating tack sharp macro images without using a tripod! The secret to his success is effectively using flash as well as other light sources. During this program Roman provides you with the settings and secrets to creating your own tack sharp macro images whether you are out in the field or inside a facility that doesn’t allow the use of tripods. Everything from gear, camera settings, to accessories will be covered in this instructional program. (I, A) Sponsored by Sigma

Jacob Mosser III, FPSA, EPSA, HonNEC (MA) North East Massachusetts Nature
This is a presentation of many of the area’s nature photography hot spots as experienced by Jake in recent years. While it is based on one person’s encounters, it is a guide for what is available to the photographer with patience, persistence and a love of nature. Subjects range from magnificent mammals and spectacular bird life to visually pleasing botany. Along with the more spectacular creatures will be images of the little details of the natural world that are available to the discerning eye. Also included are a few basic tips for the entry level photographer. Many of the example images are successful PSA Nature exhibition works. Local parks along along with backyard photography are explored. (B, I, A)

Ian Plant (MN) Supercharge Your Vision: 10 Creative Missions for Visionary Photographers Learning how to take photos is easy, but learning how to take great photos is considerably more difficult. In his presentation, professional nature and travel photographer Ian Plant will present 10 inspiring creative missions designed to get you trying new things, seeing the world in a different way—and to get your creative juices flowing!(B, I, A) Sponsored by Tamron

Rick Cloran, FPSA, MPSA, MNEC (MA)– Exploring Camera Raw
In this session Rick will explore the features of Camera Raw in both Photoshop CS6 and Elements 12. We will focus on a suggested work flow and suggestions for optimizing images before sending them into the main Photoshop or Elements editors for additional work. In addition, Rick will examine the use of Camera Raw as a means of processing Jpeg, Tiff and even PSD files. (B, I)

Dennis Goulet, MNEC (MA) - Focus Stacking: the Quest for Depth of Field
Many times we find that depth of field is too shallow to obtain the image we visualize and may be limited by lens physics, or by creative choices we make such as large aperture or subject distance. Focus stacking is the merging of the sharp sections of multiple image captures of the same scene and has been demonstrated to be a useful tool to increase apparent depth of field. The technique can be applied to microscopic subjects and insect heads, macro subjects, isolating subjects for a soft background, and even landscapes. This program will demonstrate simple techniques in Photoshop to merge as few as two images to achieve depth of field otherwise unattainable. Care must be taken in capturing the images, anomalies sometimes arise; some of which are easily fixed and others that are impossible to fix. Manual techniques will be demonstrated as well as automated tools in Photoshop suitable for multiple image stacks. A short discussion of specialized focus stacking software is also planned. (I, A)

Tim Grey (NY) - Getting (and Keeping) Photos Organized in Lightroom
If you have ever struggled with finding a particular photo you were looking for, you will not want to miss this informative and entertaining session presented by Tim Grey. You’ll learn key concepts that are critical to successfully managing your photos in Adobe Lightroom, including tips on a workflow that will help you consistently keep your photos organized. Tim will provide tips on importing photos into Lightroom, reviewing photos to identify favorites, adding keywords. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll also learn how to leverage the powerful filtering options in Lightroom to actually locate specific images later. In a short period of time, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to define your own workflow for managing your photos in Lightroom. Sponsored by Adobe

Charles Needle (WA) Creative Smartphone Photography
You've probably heard that the best camera is the one you have with you. Smart p
hones are gaining popularity among serious amateur and professional photographers alike, and are now considered a legitimate tool for capturing the world around you. In this session, award--‐winning photographer Charles Needle will explain how smart phone photography can make you a better photographer and how you can craft creative, expressive images using nothing more than your phone. Charles will cover some of the technical aspects of smart phone photography, including equipment, accessories, workflow, and printing considerations. In addition, he will show you how to use several key shooting and editing apps in a "live" demonstration.(Note: This presentation is suitable for iPhone, Android, and Windows phone users, as well as Mac computer and PC users.)(B, I, A)

Tony Sweet (MD) Plug Ins – Unplugged
Plugins are shortcuts to more complicated software procedures, making creative image processing accessible to everyone. The learning curve is short and the effects can be striking, from natural to surreal. This presentation covers creative use of plugins, showing a series of “befores” and “afters” illustrating the breadth of creativity at our fingertips. (B, I, A) Sponsored by Nikon Shiv Verma, APSA, MNEC (MA) Moving to Mirrorless Mirrorless cameras are a rapidly growing category and are currently the most enticing and popular cameras available. They are light, compact and come with a full complement of lenses from 14mm to 600 mm lenses. Their exceptional photo and video quality makes them very compelling. Though much more compact than a comparable DSLR, they retain the manual control scheme that appeals to the advanced user. In this program we will look at some of the pros and cons. We will learn how to set up a mirrorless system and get some tips on using these cameras to the best of their capability. This is also an opportunity to learn hybrid photography capturing stills from 4K video. See how mirrorless cameras can change your photography and spark your creativity. (B, I, A) Sponsored by Panasonic.

PHOTOJOURNALISM Damian Strohmeyer (MA) A Lifetime of Sports Photography
From the frozen tundra of Green Bay's Lambeau Field to the Big House at the University of Michigan, from Fenway Park to Yankee Stadium, from sweaty gyms to freezing sidelines, Damian Strohmeyer will share photos that have captivated sports fans the world over. Damian’s program will help you fine tune the process of capturing action photos with technical tips and practical advice about covering fast moving events. This entertaining program will bring out the sports photographer in all of us and applies to professionals and advanced amateurs as well as students and sports fans. (B, I, A) Sponsored by Canon Joanne

Rathe Strohmeyer (MA) A Journey through the Evolution of Daily Photojournalism
Joanne will show images and tell stories from her 30-year career as a photographer at The Boston Globe. Joanne began her career during the age of black and white hand printed photographs when meeting deadlines were infinitely more challenging then inserting a Wi-Fi card and hitting the send button. The digital age has brought along an exciting era with constant daily deadlines through the Boston Globe website. Storytelling now goes beyond the printed page where the online experience creates multiple ways to share photographs with much larger audiences. (B, I, A)

William Barnett, MPSA, AFIAP, MNEC, (CT) China: Images of a Country in Transition
I have had the privilege of visiting China three times, the first in 1980 and then twice more recently. Because the first and last visits were 34 years apart I was able to observe first hand many of the changes that took place in that country. During this presentation we will: visit the cities and the countryside, see famous places, see performances, and watch the people as they work and play. Approximately 250 still images, video clips, live narration, locally recorded sounds, and music are blended to tell multimedia stories about china. (B, I, A)

Michele Celentano (AZ) - How to Create Beautiful Portraits. Learn to Pose 1 to 100 people In this faced paced class Michele will cover simple and quick tips for photographing people. She will talk about how to puzzle bodies together for group portraits and how to make any sized body look good. Working with and directing people can be one of the hardest parts of photography. With three simple posing languages, Michele will teach you how to pose people with confidence. (I) Sponsored by Canon

Janice Wendt (CA) How to Get Your Colors Right
Getting it right! Color that is. Why your colors are not looking right. This program will show how to get all your cameras, monitors and printers to see the colors you see with your own eyes. Take the mystery out of this often overlooked important and first step for all digital Photography. Digital tools that Janice will be using include: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Datacolor Spyder 4, SpyderCHECKR, and Spyder Studio. These steps ensure your printer is doing the right thing. (I)

Special Events
Marc Farb (NY) TBA Sponsored by Sigma

Barbara Ellison (VA) Alternative Printing Creating your image is just the beginning. Printing is the completion. Barbara will discuss substrate choices from the traditional inkjet papers to the alternatives including wood, metal, and silk. She will discuss the options for showing your work, from small art books to mixed media pieces. Making the right choice in printing can set your work apart from other artists and complete your vision. (B, I, A) Sponsored by Canon

Ken Hubbard (NY) Travel Photography: Travel Light and Capture the Images You Want
So, you’re getting ready to go on a trip, perhaps it’s a family vacation of 20 people or just you heading out on the trip of a lifetime. When it comes to your photo equipment a 25lbs bag of gear need not be on your packing list for the trip. This seminar will show you how to travel light, from the photo bag you carry to the gear that goes into it, and how to use that gear correctly to capture amazing images. Ken Hubbard will also cover some of the basics of photography like understanding your cameras features, composition, and correct exposure. Sponsored by Tamron

Bob Watts (MA) Nikon Camera Tips, Tricks and Hidden Tech of Better Digital Pictures
Think you know your Nikon camera? Join Nikon as they share some of their favorite tips and tricks for making digital images better. If you own a Nikon D7000/7100 to their top end DSLR’s, then this seminar is made just for you! During this informative seminar, you will discover things about your Nikon D-SLR that will help you take your camera usage to a whole new level such as Auto-Focus Modes and when to use them, Pushing your flash sync speed beyond the limit, Picture Control and what effects you can instill to your images, and How to best use D’Lighting, assign Function buttons to make your life easier and knowing your remote control capabilities, even “Live” on your smart phone. These are just samples of the topics we will cover in this fast paced, information packed seminar. So, if you are ready to get the most from your Nikon D-SLR, there can be no doubt that this is the seminar for you! Sponsored by Nikon