Tuesday, June 30, 2015

70th NECCC Annual Photography Conference Pre-Conference Workshop Descriptions

70th NECCC Annual Photography Conference Pre-Conference Workshop Descriptions

Friday, July 17 (9am - Noon) – Workshops and Portfolio reviews will run concurrently, so you cannot attend more than one.

Participants in any Workshop must also be paid registrants for the Conference.  Class size is limited. Register early. If paying by check please write separate checks for the Conference and for any of the six pre-Conference workshops.  See Registration Instructions for Workshop cancellation policy. See www.neccc.org for additional information.  Electrical outlets will be provided for power. The fee for each workshop is $66.95; this includes a 3% UMASS administrative fee.

Workshop I - Fashion Shoot from Start to Finish
By Lindsay Adler (NY)

Fashion Photography is a very creative and expressive realm of photography. In this workshop Lindsay shows photographers how to put together a fashion shoot, start to finish.  This includes preparation, styling, props, lighting, posing and post-processing. She will discuss creativity, building a team, finding a model and more. You will learn how to find inspiration for shoots and how to execute your inspiration to create successful striking images. (Program Sponsored by Sigma, Lighting Equipment supplied by Dynalite)

Workshop II - Hands on Macro: Taking Your Macro Photography to the Next Level
By Roman Kurywczak (NJ)

Roman will show you how to get the most out of your macro photography and achieve consistently good results. Overcoming distracting backgrounds and the use of natural light will be covered but a heavy emphasis will be placed on using flash correctly in the field to properly balance the exposure and achieve dramatic results.  Many of the techniques used by the pros are inexpensive and can be done using the gear you already own! High key macro photography, cross polarization, and other creative macro techniques will also be explored. Bring your camera, macro lens, and flash if you have one with a fully charged battery and fresh memory card.  Knowledge of how to change your camera settings is required to participate; bring your camera manual.  Sigma will provide a selection of loaner macro lenses for you to try out during this hands-on workshop. (Sponsored by Sigma)

Workshop III - Preserving Your Memories in a Photo Book
By Hazel Meredith, APSA, MNEC (CT)

In these days of digital images, many of us are guilty of taking lots of photos, maybe posting a few on Facebook, and then the rest just live in the dark on our computers! One great way to share your images and tell a story is to make a photo book (you know, kind of like our old photo albums!). In this workshop you will learn how to select your images, prepare them for use in your book including a very basic review of editing, cropping, and sizing (please note this class will not be about teaching you all about Photoshop!). We will utilize Shutterfly to set up your book.  You are not obligated to order from Shutterfly, but this will teach you how to choose layouts and add your photos, text and captions. Prerequisites: Bring your laptop (mouse is helpful), power cord, folder with images you would like to use, Shutterfly account, http://www.shutterfly.com/

Workshop IV - In Camera Creative Techniques
By Tony Sweet (MD)

Although software is one of the great driving forces in modern digital photography, there are many creative effects that can be accomplished in-camera, depending on the camera’s capabilities. Techniques such as HDR, multiple exposures, swipes, infrared, light painting, and extreme long exposures will be illustrated. Jumpstart your creativity in capturing images as Tony shares his visual inspiration with you, along with valuable tips, techniques and knowledge you can quickly incorporate into your own creative style. (Sponsored by Nikon)

Workshop V - Maximizing Wacom
By Shiv Verma, APSA, MNEC (MA)

This program will enable you to work more intuitively translating to an increase in productivity, resulting in a better-quality work product. We will cover how to maximize the use of Wacom tablets in Adobe Photoshop and Elements, Lightroom and a majority of the key Plug-Ins that photographers use as creative tools. We will be using the Intuos Pro that provides exceptional pen pressure control with an intuitive multi-touch surface and many enhanced productivity features. All the demonstrations will be applicable to both Windows and Mac based products. We will learn how to install the tablet; how to map the tablet to your display or displays; how to configure and customize the tablet and pen and creating unique settings for your Touch Ring, ExpressKeys, ExpressView, touch gestures, and the side switch on your pen will be addressed. Finally we will use these tools to work on enhancing images in Lightroom and Photoshop.  We will use the tools with various plugins and demonstrate how you can scale up the quality of your image editing and enhancement with this must have combination of the pen and tablet. 20 Wacom Tablets (supplied by Wacom) will be on hand for attendees who do not own one to borrow for the preconference course. This will be on a first come first served bases. Prerequisites: Bring your laptop, power cord, and tablet.

Workshop VI - Lightroom Basics: How to Work Faster and Smarter
By Janice Wendt (CA)

Want to learn Lightroom or get better at using this powerful tool? This hands-on class will show how you can get the most out of using Lightroom. This class will cover all aspects of Lightroom from time saving techniques on how to import your images into Lightroom to learning the best settings within Lightroom to get the most out of your images. Learn how to use all the tools, white balance, density, color and contrast, highlight, shadow, white point and black point for image editing utilizing best workflow methods. Import, use and create your own presets within the class. This class will also feature lessons on how to apply adjustments selectively with the brush tool.  Get amazing and dynamic transformations that brush tool can create with stacked application of brush adjustments. Prerequisites: Bring your laptop with Lightroom 5 installed and power cord. Image files and presets will be provided for all lessons learned in class.