Friday, June 19, 2015

The NECCC spring bulletin is posted

The NECCC spring bulletin is posted here

In This Issue:
President's Message Page 2
NECCC Honors Page 4
It's A Party and You're
Invited Page 4
Conference Programs
Descriptions Page 5
Memorial Scholarship Fund Page 12
General Fund Report Page 12
Speakers & Judges List Page 13
Club Services Packet Page 13
2105 Greater Lynn Exhibit Page 14
Iceland by Jake Mosser Page 16
Infrared SW by Tony Sweet Page 19
NECCC Fall Print Report Page 21
NECCC Winter Print Report Page 28
NECCC Spring Print Report Page 33
NECCC Print of the Year Page 38
The Essence of Being Human Inspired by Cynthia Perdigao Page 40
PSA Exhibit at GLPA Page 42
Websites of Interest Page 43
In Memoriam Jane Sibley Page 44
2015 NECCC Officers Page 45