Saturday, April 23, 2016

Photography at Lonaconing Silk Mill and the Woolen Mill

Photography at Lonaconing Silk Mill
Sunday, May 1, 2016 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Join us at the Historic Silk Mill for a day of amazing historic photography! more inform and register here Lonaconing Silk Mill
We will be making a weekend out of this, come join us at the Woolen Mill on Saturday.
"Abandoned Mill is a Photographer's Dream -- But for How Much Longer?" an article in the Huffington Post recently headlines. Talking with the owner today, Herb said that the roof is in very bad shape. Another article puts the Mill as one of America's top 11 most endangered historic places. 
Join Tom and Lisa for awesome details, history, and HDR! We have been here a few times and we can help you with compositions, exposures, creativity, etc. 
FYI, almost all of this fee goes directly to the owner for the preservation of the building.
We will be staying at the same hotel (email us for details) Friday night and Saturday night, shooting at the Woolen Mill on Saturday. Our hotel is about 5.5 hours from Hamden CT, ~1 hour from the Woolen Mill and close to the Silk Mill. 
See a few of our photographs from our trips to the Silk mill here 

Photograph inside and outside at the Waterside Woolen Mill -- lot of photo opportunities! We will have a small group and we will have the place to ourselves (just our SMALL group, plus the owner and docent) and we will have the run of the mill during our allotted time period!  More information and register here: Waterside Woolen Mill
The Waterside Woolen Mill was built in 1860's and is still operating on the original equipment. The mill is located 21 miles NW of Breezewood PA. The Waterside Woolen Mill is one of the oldest operating woolen mills is the USA. The mill was built on land deeded by the heirs of William Penn to Abraham Oberholtzer in 1785. In 1806 John Snider purchased the land and erected a mill on the banks of Yellow Creek.
Check out some of our photos from our previous visits: