Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring 2016 Inter-club Print Competition

Spring 2016 Inter-club Print Competition 
Reported by Arthur S. Vaughan, MNEC NECCC Print Chairman

The spring 2016 inter-club print competition, hosted by the New Haven Camera Club, was held on March 22, 2016 at the Whitney Center, Cultural Arts Center, in Hamden CT. Scott Hudkins and Art Yost shared in organizing and coordinating this event.

The judges for this competition were: Rob MacFarland, MNEC, Fred Rosenthal, and Jessica Tell. Rob MacFarland is a member and past officer of the Castle Craig Camera Club and is President of the Connecticut Association of Photographers. Fred Rosenthal, a member of the New Haven Camera Club, has owned an advertising agency for 30 years and his current emphasis is on international travel photography. Jessica Tell, a member of the Camera Club of Oxford Greens, studied at Paier College of Art, with her photographic emphasis following her creative interests as an artist.

Volunteers serving on the “competition committee” for this event were David Liang and Paul Peterson... scorekeepers, plus Tom Cuchara and Frank Huisking... print handlers. Many thanks go to the New Haven Camera Club, the judges, and competition support staff for accepting the task of hosting this competition. Without the support of member clubs willing to step up to host interclub print competitions, continuing to offer print competition as a council activity would be impossible. The work done by all our host clubs and judges this season is greatly appreciated!

135 prints were submitted for the spring competition...
40 class “A” B&W, 22 class “B” B&W, and 72 Color. Participating were 18 clubs... 10 in class “A”, 7 in class “B”, and 18 in Color.

Several clubs missed the Spring competition resulting in a drop in the number of print submissions.

A total of 24 prints received awards... 8 class “A”, 4 class “B” and 12 in Color.

Prints receiving 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place awards in the fall, winter, and spring competitions qualify for entry into the NECCC Print of the Year Competition being held on the evening of Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at the Merrimack Valley Camera Club in North Andover, MA.

Results of the Spring 2016 competition and final standings can be viewed on the NECCC website interclub competition page