Saturday, January 18, 2014

120 of my all-time favorite images from Art Morris

Art Morris will be presenting at NECCC 2014

120 of my all-time favorite images from Art Morris

This was posted recently on Art Morris' blog.
What a treat to see this collection of images.

There are many reasons to view this collection of awesome images, just seeing them is inspiring, but he goes one step further and allows you to learn from them.

He has provided all of the exif data from each of the 120 images so you can see what camera, what lens, what f stop, what iso, what shutter speed he used. Places like Flickr often also include the exif data and I try to look at this data for any image that I like to learn from it.

Art Morris is the father of bird photography and hence less than ten of his favorites 120 images are not birds, but they are all spectacular. He asked his readers to pick their top five favorite images, I would be happy with any of the 120 hanging on my wall!

Art also runs a forum,, which is a great place to go and learn about photography (there are other categories besides birds, like macro, wildlife, creativity/out of the box, post-processing, etc.). There are over 12,000 members and almost a million posts. Some past lessons that I enjoyed: the "Monthly Processing Raw Images Exercise" and and ""My Pictures Don't Look Like That." On learning to be a better nature photographer. " and the "Head Angle Fine Points" -- want to improve your bird photography -- learn about Head Angles from Art Morris!


This was posted on his Blog...

An Invitation…
"All are invited to click on the gallery link here. I picked 120 of my all-time favorite images for a Canon project entitled “DreamLabo 5000.” To view the slide program simply click on the first image and then hit Next (above the image). Enjoy. All comments are welcome. If you would like to have some fun and help me out a bit, take the time to pick your five favorite images. You will find the file name as well as all the EXIF date below and to the left of each image. You can learn a lot by checking out the EXIF data for each digital image. There are very few film images in the slide program. Then cut and paste the file name without the number into your comment box. Each file name should look something like this: Northern Gannet male bringing nesting material to mate."