Sunday, January 5, 2014

Over $1200 of photography tools for ONLY $89

I have their ebooks and that alone is worth the price, but this includes a LOT of other stuff. Lisa

This may be better than what Santa got you :-)
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The Craziest Deal I've Ever Seen. Period.

What will 2014 mean for your photography?

How would your photography change if you could get your hands on some of the top products by some of the top creators in photography?
What if you could get it all in one place, one clean package, and for one incredible price?
This may top what Santa got you.
For 5 days only - January 5 at noon EST till January 10 at noon EST - the team over at 5DayDeal have put together a pack of tools to revolutionize your photography and made it available in a bundle for over 90% off!!

Over $1200 of photography tools for ONLY $89

That's one killer sale!
But that isn't all. †The bundle also includes over $400 of awesome discounts for even more photography products bringing the total value of the bundle to...
... wait for it...
over $1700!! (over 94% off)

What's the catch?

It is only available for 5 days.
These full products, offered by some of the biggest names in photography, are offered together for one crazy low price for ONLY 5 days.

Incredible right?

5DayDeal has combined training, tools, and inspiration in the form of ebooks, presets, and video to cover a huge range of photography including HDR, long exposure, fashion, food, portraits, business tools and so much more.
The bundle is packed with tools for beginners all the way through advanced and professional photographers.

If you're interested in photography, your gonna love this bundle!

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