Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nik Released a Big Update Today

Nik Released a Big Update Today


New update to the Nik Collection!

Hey Nik fans!  Today, we are rolling out the Nik Collection v1.110 update, which includes several updates and improvements to the functionality of the plug-ins.  To find out exactly what has been changed, check out our Release Notes here:

The update will occur automatically for you when your computer is on-line and Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom and Aperture are closed.  You can also install the update now by visiting our homepage and download/install the trial.  Don't worry, your software will remain activated after installing the trial!'

To check which version of the Nik Collection you currently have installed, open up a photo in any of the Collection plug-ins and click on the Nik logo on the top right of the display. That will pop up the product's About screen with the version listed there.

We're very committed to continuing our growth of the Nik Collection and look forward to bringing you the very best in photo editing solutions.